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Westward Ho

Latest Weather for Hayling Island

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Today:high 14:08 4.8m low 19:40 0.6m
Sunday:high 15:05 4.7m low 20:29 0.8m

Weymouth May Day 29 April 2017

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The attractions of Weymouth harbour are legion - speed, speed, and more speed! A great place to learn to waterstart if you can't, or practise gybing around those struggling to do so if you can already.

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Bramblebush 20-21 May 2017

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Hurray!! First B'bush of the year!

North Devon Whit Weekend 27-29 May 2017

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Northam Burrows, or Westward Ho! (inclusive explanation mark) has been the scene of many an adventure - have your own on the second long weekend after Easter! It should be sunny, and if there's good wind, it's a great place to sail, with a sandy beach and waves. Surf, have BBQs on the stones, walk around the corner up the estuary, get tiddly in the Appledore pubs and generally relax away the stress of your normal life.

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Weymouth Whit Weekend 26-28 May 2017

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Another opportunity to visit Weymouth - did I say that it's the home of the Official Test Centre? A great chance to try out all that gear you've seen in the mags or had your mates bang on about at length, and in the home of UK sailing.

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National Watersports Festival 3-4 June 2017

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Huh?? Yes, it's the National Watersports Festival, nee National Windsurfing Festival. It's moved from Hayling to Rutland Water, where no doubt it will be a raving success (90s style emphasis on the rave there...). Get yourself along to the biggest event of the year - maybe we should even look at entering a team for some events.

Bramblebush 24-25 June 2017

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The summer should be a'comin' by now, so if you've never been, this would be a good time to come to this event. Look back at all the event reports if you don't believe me - lots of good times, many happy kids and parents (other classes of human also very welcome!). It's especially good if it's not busy - but I can't see that happening!


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