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last sail of 2015
by Brian Wardle
Hayling temptation
the wind is building! the water is warm still! the sun is shining....the hayling temptress

4 Feb 2017 - AGM and Bash!!

AGM! Bash! Hayling!! Come celebrate the new windsurfing year with your beach buddies!!!

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Bramblebush 24-25 Sep 2016

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Windy and sunny both days. Excellent weekend

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Westward Ho

August Bank Hol 27-29 August North Devon

The glorious weather stopped any thoughts of windsurfing, but there was surf all weekend and a very large beach. Mark was out on his sup, Paul on his kayak and myself on a surfboard. When the tide receeded the speedsails came out along with Chris m.........

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Latest Weather for Hayling Island

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Today:high 13:51 4.5m low 19:19 0.8m
Saturday:low 11:17 2.1m high 18:27 3.8m


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