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Happy times at Calshot Summer Bash, 2014

Latest Weather for Hayling Island

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Today:low 10:25 1.3m high 17:44 4.4m
Saturday:low 12:58 1.8m high 20:08 4.1m

August Bank Hol Weymouth 27-29 Aug 2016

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The last chance to go to Weymouth with the club this year...

National WS Festival 3-4 Sep 2016

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The National Watersports Festival comes to Hayling Island! We make this an OMWC event so you don't have the difficult choice between partying here, with all the windsurfing slebs, or sloping off to meet your proper mates on a deserted gravel strip between a concrete wall and an unforgiving grey sea...

Bramblebush 24-25 Sep 2016

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it's getting near autumn, and here's the last chance to visit the pleasingly shaped bay that is Bramblebush. Quiet, secluded, with the opportunity to visit Brownsea Island, home of red squirrels and the Scouting movement. See out your windsurfing year with a proper end!


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