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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Morocco anyone?

Started by Started by: jonathan
I am giving some thought to arranging a trip to Morocco next spring (probably April) to sail at Essaouria. I have been there a couple of times (with Guy Crib8) and the beach is a nice, safe, sandy wavesailing location. Aside from the windsurfing, the town itself has a great vibe being located in a walled medina with lots to see and do if the wind doesn't play ball.

Should be a relatively inexpensive trip. Easyjet flies to Marrakesh for about 200 from Gatwick. Accommodation should be about 300 per head and board hire about another 200. Food can be as cheap or expensive as you want out there although beer it pretty pricey. I have not yet decided whether I would go for a package or sort the elements myself.

Although it is a pretty safe location, the waves can be a bit punchy to get through - so you do need to be a reasonably confident windsurfer and/or be prepared to take a few rinsings. We'd use the Club Mistral centre - so a great range of new Fanatic kit.

Anyway, let me know if early January if there is any interest.

Other points of note:
- at this time of year, normally shorts and t-shirt weather on the beach but chilly in the evenings
- you would need a decent summer suit or even winter suit as the water is the Atlantic and not at its warmest
- it's about a 3-4 hour taxi from Marrakesh to Essaouria although they do seem to be improving the roads (slowly)
- probably not particularly family-friendly, although I have only stayed in the old hotels in the Medina rather than the modern ones near the beach

Last updated: 23/12/12 22:13 By: jonathan
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Added by johng on 23/12/12

Yeah that's interesting! I need to do something somewhere warm - are you thinking a week? Guy's going to Maui again but early, in March, so the wind will be crap and the waves pointlessly (for my skills!) huge.

Added by jonathan on 24/12/12

yes, would be a week: Easyjet flights work best Saturday-Saturday

Added by kkayes on 07/01/13

Hi Jonathan, I would be interested in going along. What's current thoughts?

Added by jonathan on 09/01/13

Hi kkayes. Thanks for your interest. Currently just hanging on to see what other interest there is out there. But still keen to get something in the diary!

Added by rogerta on 10/01/13

Jonathan - I would love to come but only concern is I have an operation in early Feb on my ankle. I know I will be immobile for 4-6 weeks but not sure on how long it will take to get back to windsurfing on it. I will have to see how things go through Feb.

Added by jonathan on 14/01/13

Roger - sorry to hear about your ankle. Apparently Juan has also hurt his ankle - I hope the pair of you haven't been leg-wrestling again?
We'll see if we get anything booked, if so you may well be able to do a last minute - Easy Jet fly to Marrakech. But good luck with the operation...

Added by jonathan on 26/02/13

What is it about ankles? Still haven't exactly got my act together due to being away with work for the last month. However at the weekend I turned my ankle. Hopefully it will be OK but for the time being I can't book anything until I know my ankle will be strong enough.. watch this space if you are still interested!

Added by Juanito on 01/03/13

Join the ankle turners club with juanito and roger and Jonothon

Added by johng on 01/03/13

Ah, the old Ankel Turners Klub! Is that like Anthea Turner but with crappier deodorant?