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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2013 AGM Event Secretary report

Event Sec Report - AGM 2013

Firstly, I admit I didn't attend every event this year - you could say that events conspired against me! So, in order to justify my personal view of the year's activities, I looked back at the Event Reports.

The year started with an impromptu gathering in March - good wind, good waves for the Hayling groupies. Even Tim, our Australian member, joined in, although he ended up with a long swim back!

The first official event was the Easter Cornwall trip - a thoroughly good weekend, with sailing at Gwithian at least two days. The Beer Festival brightened the evenings up for those who went, and hopefully for Steve who sacrificed a mast to the wind gods.

The local events were variably attended, Juan on his own once, with increasing numbers towards the summer. The Bigbury event was well attended, including at least one new recruit. Ferring, a relatively new new venue we hadn't been to for a long time, turned out well - worth checking out on this year's schedule. The multiple trips to Bramblebush were variable - the first sunny, the next very wet, but then, the entire summer was wet once the hosepipe ban arrived. The "dual fuel" Spring Bank Holiday was mixed - Weymouth seemed to work out eventually, but Roger was the only one to score in Devon, but he had to hang around all week to do it! The Summer Bash was well attended, it does bring people out for the sun, with several new members enjoying the company, for them and their kids.

The National Windsurfing event proved very popular, great atmosphere, even some sailing! This is good, as it may have been the event's swan song, unless funding arrives from new sources. A good lead into the autumn events, and the impromptu winter ones, including around Xmas and New Year.

If there is a trend, it's probably continued fractioning of the event location - people are meeting in smaller, usually more local groups, apart from the long-distance events. This is not necessarily a bad thing - it's up to you lot after all. The Big Events (Summer Bash, Devon, Cornwall etc.) are still well-attended, and clearly are seen as a good opportunity to get away, increasingly with the increasing families! In fact, OMWC is now very much a family club, rather than a 20-30s "get out of the city" organisation. We should probably make it even easier for people to get together with families in tow, giving them an opportunity to windsurf and have everyone else happy, sometimes even in the sun.

Hosting - it's kind of worked. I think the website helps a lot, with good cooperation helping newbies to fid their way to the right place, accommodation etc., so maybe the much more informal hosting style now is working ok. It has to, I can't see people taking up the responsibility as strongly as in the past any more.

And thanks to Mike Tate for producing the schedule - I hope he loves doing it!

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