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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

AGM 2013 - Chairman's Report

The club continues to attract people of all ages for sailing on a variety of beach locations. The wettest English summer on record didn't make life easy, but the carry on spirit meant that camping continued. And sailing most definitely did, with the fronts bringing the wind we wanted as well as showers. The Olympics seems to have reminded people that sport is good for us and our wellbeing (the fashionable term) and makes us happy being the old fashioned but much nicer description of how a good day on the water makes us feel flushed with joy and excitement and our heart rate rises. It's good for our soul.

The modern way is to follow web forecasts of weather and make last minute decisions but mostly the Friday night emails and the forum means that flash mobs develop quickly at the favoured locations. Some people are members of multiple windsurfing fora but a general consistency tends to occur in the opinions on where to sail.

Apart from the long weekends, most try to go their closest beach. Lots of young families mean that fewer can hang around for the pub Saturday evening. Hosts for the weekend are thin on the ground possibly due to the ties to the pub evening. but perhaps also the tie in to committing to sail a particular place? The only other chore for hosts is the emailing about where we are. I think that we are very flexible most weekends except the long weekends and the tides and wind usually guiding the suitability of our choice amongst the favourite spots. We must be less interested in variety these days and more focused on maximising water time and minimising travelling time/petrol! The patterns seem to indicate this.

A discussion over beer recently suggested that we convert from club to web forum only and reduce our structure further, and avoid insurance costs. I can't see much benefit from this in terms of costs yet. But this is a time of change and the Petersfield Floristry Society recently closed after 80 years. Perhaps that would be needed for OMWC if we had none willing to stand as committee members, as they did. We shall see this year how the need for new committee members is met and that may signal whether the tipping point has been reached. Fluctuations in family life and just life generally mean people might need to spread themselves across more things but that is the circle of life. Usually there is a central cohort of higher frequency and input people and then everyone else comes and goes, when they can, because they want to and because they miss it!!

A big hurrah to Emma Ray for completing the ENTIRE BWA circuit in 2012. All 4 countries! The secret apparently is to wear 2 rigging jackets, not one.

For 2013, I hope to get down sailing at the beach at least 52 times, 104 ideally. So a weekly dose of happiness, ideally two doses. More waves. More slalom. Already looking forward to the challenge. And I just want to score more water days than Carl! Do I have to get made redundant to do this?? Thanks to our beloved leaders we have our best chance ever - unprecedented triple dip, higher taxes, lower benefits and a generally sinking feeling - it is a top secret water time maximisation strategy. That's what MI6 meant by waterboarding ...

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