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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Christchurch 12/13th May

Glorious Day at Avon Beach
Who needs overseas holidays when its this good?
Host Host: Carl
Date Date: 12/05/07
Venue Venue: Christchurch
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Christchurch 12/13th May (12)
Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating
A great weekend - sunshine, winds force 5 to 7, small fun sized waves and lots of friendly faces, some old some new from OMWC, what more could you ask for? (More energy in my case perhaps.)

Last updated: 13/05/07 19:31 By: Carl
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Diary for Andrew at Christchurch on 12/05/07

Andrew pondering life.
Andrew pondering life, from the top of Las Dunas, in Tarifa.
Rating:4 star rating
Board:99 litres

Excellent day, well powered up all day. First real sail of the season. Windy and sunny all day and a good omwc turnout. Just wished I had a bit more energy to carry on.

Diary for jonathan at Christchurch on 12/05/07

Vulcan attempt # 1
My first proper vulcan attempt...
Rating:4 star rating
Board:84 litres

After too many weeks with no wind, what an antidote! 5m weather, waves and sun all day - for as long as you could hold on. It's been far too long since I last sailed Avon Beach - I am definitely going to try and sail there more regularly now.. Never did get my new waveboard out, but that's because I was having too good a time on my old one....

Diary for johng at Christchurch on 12/05/07

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:4 star rating
Board:91 litres

A good day on Sat, went out on trusty 91l and 4.7, but was pretty overpowered and getting knackered and cross, so switched to 4.0, very occasionally under-powered but happy. 0.7 sqm, the difference between pleasure and pain! Really getting around to tuning the new gear too, which helps, especially the harness. Sunday in the car park and caff also enjoyable and relaxed - good to see all those people out.

Diary for Shef at Christchurch on 12/05/07

Shef carving in Vass
July 2012, Vassiliki, Greece
Rating:4 star rating
Board:85 litres

Great to see everyone. Last sailed in October, and even further back for Sheena. So it was great to have perfect conditions to sail in with good friends. Hell, even Martin Ody turned up!

Diary for Wylliewoolf at Christchurch on 12/05/07

Tobago gybe
Just another gybe in the crowded Tobago waters
Rating:4 star rating
Board:85 litres

2 1/2hours of pure bliss, before my arms fell off.

Diary for Haylingmike at Christchurch on 13/05/07

Mike at Lady D's fountain
Rating:4 star rating
Board:98 litres

Saturday - brilliant weather and force 4 winds made for my first real sail of the year. Struggled at first but with some tweaking of fins booms outhaul wetsuit etc got it cracked and had a geat sail - but soon got knackered! Sunday pissed it down and just sat in the cafe!


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