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Big Vans/Campers etc

Started by Started by: Mark
I know a few members have big vans, campers that live in London. Just wondering how you get on with street parking etc? (some of the borough wont issue permits to vehicles over a certain size etc)

Last updated: 20/03/13 23:41 By: Mark
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Added by mikep on 20/03/13

Each London Borough have their own rules and regulations. As a general rule, the close to the centre you get, the tighter the rules. I park my 2.3m wide x 7.2m long x 2.9m high motorhome on the street in Chiswick and it qualifies for a permit. In this area, the restriction is on height were it must be less than 3m. The neiighbours hate it, and they have had the council out to measure it on more than one occasion. The council even refused to renew my permit once, but backed down when I kicked up a stink. So be prepared for a rocky ride... But heck, it's a free country and if it fits the rules then screw the NIMBY's. Mike.

Added by brav on 21/03/13

Never had a problem getting a parking permit for my VW T2 camper here in Kingston upon Thames (although I still object to paying to park my car outside my own house when I live nowhere near the town centre). Downside is the number of knocks the van gets as no one seems to be capable of driving past anymore in a 20mph zone without hitting it! Your motorhome may just be a bit too big but standard vans should not be. There's quite a few w'surfer vans around SW London and I don't know anyone who has a problem with a VW Transporter /Merc Vito size van. Stick to you guns. Parking permits are a disgrace in London. Going to European cities like Hamburg is always interesting, free parking everywhere and no issues, it's all a just massive revenue source for London borough councils, nothing more.