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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Westward Ho! 25-27 May

george f
Host Host: Nigel
Date Date: 25/05/13
Venue Venue: North Devon
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Westward Ho! 25-27 May (17)
Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating
bright sunshine, blue skies ,light winds just right for some perfect speed sailing . Chris L. Chris M. Juan and myself had a cracking afternoon flying up and down the beach doing jybes and 360`s. While Roger, George , Chris F. went surfing . Later we had a b-b-que on the campsite followed by an evening spent chatting around the fire.

similar weather Pete D. and family joined us and went off on a cycle ride around the estuary, Nick and Corrie, John G. Chris M. Ross and Gen went for a gentle sail in the light on shore winds and small surf. George , Chris F. and Sian borrowed my sandboard and went over to the 120ft high dunes at Braunton Burrows and came back absolutely stoked after surfing down them, something we have not done for a while ( I think that is booked for next time ! )

cross shore winds forecast up to 20 mph were a bit up and down which saw Juan , Gen , John , Ross and Nick getting to grips in the tricky conditions with mixed results. Unfortunately the rain came in quite heavy in the afternoon which affected the wind so we all packed up and headed off home.

A good turn out and a good time was had by all , this is the last N. Devon event for Gen and Juan before their big trip, good to see that you managed to play with all your windsurfing toys for the last time here, also good to see the youngsters having fun on the beach and around the campsite adventure area. You will be missed !


Last updated: 25/06/13 21:10 By: Nigel
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Diary for johng at North Devon on 26/05/13

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:102 litres

A sunny day at Westward Ho!! (Note cunning double "!" to account for emphasis and curious spelling on location's name).

Not a lot of wind, but it seemed a pity to leave it. Along with several other OMWC stalwarts, fooled about in light wind for an hour or so. Just nice to be out.

Diary for johng at North Devon on 27/05/13

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:4 star rating
Board:102 litres

A bit more like it...
Wind had switched to SW-ish, with initial sun but later cloud and rain. Marv - all the grockels** went home early. 4.7 a bit dodgy, but really enjoyed getting out, and riding the mix of wind-blown and occasional swell-based waves, down the line (none of this backside stuff!!). Excellent. Had the good sense to stop slightly before Nick, as a safety measure.

** Term introduced by "local" person during convo in pub on Sun eve. Refers to "non-local" people, who may even be from the next village cf. Appledore vs. Northam. One wonders where the locals who sell out to non-locals are moving, and why it's better?


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