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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Tips for booking Calshot events

1. Given the price has gone up to 100, not sure we need the room booking just to show a video. However, if it rains, things could be very different. It might be worth seeing if we can provisionally book it and cancel closer to the date

2. If we do book the room, don't forget to ask for the DVD player and screen, otherwise there's little point

3. Forewarn the bar of our coming - 20+ people rocking up on a slow Saturday is a bit of a headache for the man, he will lay on extra staff if he has to or come in himself

4. Although 9pm seems quite early for the bar to stop, in fact, given the number of kids that go to bed around then, and the fact that non-kid adults want to be with kid adults, and kid adults like being near sleeping kids, it empties out then anyway. Unless it rains, maybe. But don't bother getting it open later, embarrassing to ask for an extension to 11 to find there's nobody there.

5. Ask explicitly for the camping area in front of the Sopwith hangar. This is the best spot - no split across a busy road, no passing traffic, all vans in a group with a play area, close to water, loos, pool and other facilities. It's likely that the staff think it's too small for that number of vehicles, but we park/pitch much closer because we know each other

6. Dates - we need to avoid clashing with other major events e.g. the RNLI demo weekend, which make it very busy and in the case of the RNLI event, use the Sopwith hangar space. So check early enough to make sure we don't book that weekend!

7. Maybe we need a club firebowl! It was missed this year with no Juan/Gen/Yoli to bring theirs, and the evening got quite cold later. A gazebo is also very handy, against either sun or rain!

Last updated: 15/07/13 08:53 By: johng
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Added by Andrew on 15/07/13

Normally we clash with the RNLI open day (which is part of the reason we don't get the good camping area), we were lucky this year, but next year we need to check dates first

Added by nuporter on 15/07/13

All sounds good John- the bar manager said he needs a weeks notice- which would kinda be enough to predict ish if its going to be wet. Maybe - rather than booking the room- if we do extend the bar because its wet- could we set up a dvd player at the far end of the bar for the kids? Otherwise- have a couple of laptops showing some dvds- or even nominate a van or two for this- with adults rotating to babysit.
Are we allowed a firebowl there? Im sure we are. It would be good for the heat- I was surprised how cold it got. And yes- would be good to get a club one- or can we buy Yoli's off them as Im sure they arent taking it to Australia (I may be wrong tho!).
Definite about the camping area- was lots better and safer with the growing number of kids.
We've got a gazebo we could bring along- guess others may have too- if asked nearer the time- especially it looks so hot and not as windy like this time- could swap it in the van for a board as space limited!!
As they had double booked the room in the day anyway- I wonder if we could book it at late notice if needed- I cant imagine that anyone else would need it in the eve- and they have two rooms anyway.

Huge thanks for a great weekend John- next year we will ban Xavier from having other commitments.
Love Nuala xx