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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Alan Cornish

Alan, sorely missed by all
Started by Started by: markc
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Sad to say my Father passed away on Monday 8th July. He was away on holiday, having flown out to Preveza in Greece and booked a hire car to drive about and keep his options open. Near the end of his 2 week holiday suffered a massive stroke in his hotel room at Nydri, which was right on the beach with views out over the sea, and did not regain consciousness. A harness was in his luggage so like to think he had one last blast up and down the bay at Vass, just down the road a few miles, during his stay there.
We had thought that when he had heart problems while sailing at Elmedano around 3-4 years ago, that he might slow down a bit and take it steady, but that was not in his nature. That day he had come back to the beach feeling a bit off, and sat down for a while. A doctor from Scotland happened to be also sailing there and came over to check him out as he looked a little pale, and found he had no pulse so was rushed into hospital and had surgery. He hit it off with the doctor and they met up each year for a week of sailing at Tenerife. A side effect of this though was that he was on blood thinning pills and he felt the cold much more, and could not sail comfortably on the south coast, so made up for it on his holidays.
He often thought of the club, and would come round to look at the website, read the forum and look at the pics to see who was doing what, and if anyone was manageing forward loops before he pulled one off.....no he didnt quite but was getting close to a full rotation. He was my hero and inspiration, and maybe reading this will inspire one or two of you to sheet in a little harder, jump a little higher or just rip it up next time you go sailing, he would like that.
His fondest memories were of those beach bonfires, which he often had a hand in starting, a few beers and good copany. His eyes would light up when we talked of those, so maybe you will think of him occasionally when you have a burn up!
We are holding a memorial service at St Johns Baptist church in Pewsey on Monday22nd July at midday if anyone would like to attend, with a few beers afterwards at the Royal Oak. If anyone wishes to make a donation the RNLI would be very grateful.

Thank you
Mark Cornish

Last updated: 18/07/13 11:00 By: Andrew
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Added by amiller on 18/07/13

Your Dad was a lovely man and good company and he remains in many people's hearts, mine being one of them. I will be sending a donation to the RNLI, thank-you for the kind invitation to remember your Dad on 22nd, but I will not be able to come on that day. Whilst it is very hard to let go of a parent in this life, at least you know that he lived his life to the full right until the end, and I hope that will give you some comfort now and in the future. lots of love Alison.

Added by garibaldi on 18/07/13

So sorry to hear of your sad news.
We, too, have fond memories of your Dad. He was a great character & good fun to be around.
Carolyn & I remember him 'from the old days' cooking his food in his Mazda van, before going to the pub for a couple !
We'll rise a glass to him next week when we're away in Cornwall, a place we know he loved.
& think of him the next time we have a blast.
Gary, Carolyn, Peter & Robert

Added by jonathan on 18/07/13

Privileged to say that I shared a few of those holidays with Alan - a couple in Margarita and also Cabarete. My abiding memory was the amount of time he spent on the water when the wind was blowing - putting all us youngsters to shame with our complaints about blisters etc.
I think few people have lived as active a life as Alan did - or worked so hard - despite all those windsurfing holidays. On my travels often when I have mentioned OMWC, it was Alan who was the first name that came up.
Mark, hopefully it is some consolation that your loss is shared not only by OMWC but also by windsurfing at large - Alan was definitely one of the sport's great characters!
We're all thinking of you
Jonathan, Jane, Nayra & Heath

Added by Shef on 18/07/13

Hi Mark,
Very sorry to hear your sad news. Feel privileged to have sailed with him at home and abroad. He was a great character and certainly gave us whippersnappers a run for our money, and more. Too many good memories of him to list here.
Won't be able to make the 22nd but will definitely make a donation to the RNLI.
Our thoughts are with you and your family.
Dave Shef & family

Added by rogerta on 18/07/13

I am really upset to hear this news. Your dad was a real star and a real inspiration to so many people including me. We were only saying last week where was Alan these days "probably on some beach somewhere hot - board ready rigged up, beer in hand!". He was such a pleasure to spend time with and a hugely respected guy around the club. We spent some great holidays - Going out in Ireland 6' waves on a 7.5m and slalom kit whilst the rest of us were on wave kit - playing cribbage on light wind mornings in Cabarete and whooping us - building some of the best fires we've ever had. Every time we have a fire, we always talk about Alan and his fire starter prowess! Some good memories of a much loved guy. I am going to try and get up there on Monday to have a beer with you in memory of a top bloke.

Added by JohnW on 18/07/13

Dear Mark
Saddened, indeed, to read your unexpected news. If one has to 'leave', doing so in such a place, having just been sailing must be at the top of the list. Without having to look at the photographs in the posting, your Dad's face is clearly in my mind's eye from years of sailing with him years ago.

My condolences to you and family.

John Whiffen

Added by steve d on 18/07/13

Dear Mark.

So sorry to hear about your Dad. A lovely mam, a great character and an inspiration to us all. I am sure he will be sorely missed by you and your family but be assured that his memory will live on long within Ocean Motion and the wider windsurfing community.

It comes as no surprise to hear that he was on a beach somewhere at the end. Take comfort from the fact that he was doing something that he loved rather than letting life pass him by.

His footprints will be forever in the sand.


Added by Heather on 19/07/13

Dear Mark

So sorry to hear about your Dad. Bill and I were only talking about him the other day and we had drawn the same conclusion as others - that he would be on a beach somewhere enjoying life or with his family that he treasured. He certainly set an example for us all in making the most of life.

Our thoughts are with you and the family.

Heather and Bill

Added by Nigel on 20/07/13

Hi Mark
So sorry to here the news about Alan. As you know Alan & I had some very good holidays together with the club in Egypt Margarita & the Canary Islands, he was always good company & very competitive at anything from windsurfing to playing cards. I can remember how much he enjoyed the speedsailing in the early days at Saunton sands and rather than be overtaken by us he would often run you into the water or soft sand being the true maverick he was. I am lucky enough to have some great memories of Alan yourself & me sitting round the fire at lobb fields after a days windsurfing or speedsailing while watching Halleys comet go by drinking a few beers.
These experiences you only get by living to the full every minute of your life & Alan truly did that.

My thoughts will be with you & the family on monday



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