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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Maui any good for beginners?

Started by Started by: Mark
We have two weeks in September for a sailing holiday, I would love to windsurf on maui...

But one of is up to just starting to use the harness and with the flat water and light to medium winds, will probably be able to get the board planning etc...

And as much I would love to go, want to make sure both of gets to do some decent windsurfing etc.

For those that have been it is still a good place if your just starting out?

-Mark and Iva

Last updated: 25/07/13 22:02 By: Mark
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Added by rogerta on 26/07/13

Maui has so many beaches there is always somewhere on the island to windsurf for an intermediate. Its probably one of the best places in the world to go for dual levels. Because no matter how big it gets, there is always somewhere to go out of the direct line of the swell. Great spot for intermediates on the north shore is Kanaha but in a winter swell this can get pretty impressive. If its too much on the north shore, head to the south shore to places like Kihei. Even at locations like Sprecks, the reef is very distinct. In medium swells you can get a beautiful wave upwind of the beach whilst just in front of the beach its flat. There are so many options you can't go wrong. When it just gets too much for either of you, head along the Hana Highway in the east of the island and go exploring - just some of the most amazing coastline I've ever seen. You will both love it.

Added by mikep on 26/07/13



Roger has it pretty much bang on.

- Beginners go to Kanaha and stay inside the reef or go to Kihei.
- Waveriding at Spreks, Kanaha (outside reef) & Hookipa.
- Everything very close. If its raining on the North Shore, drive 5 miles to Kihei for sun & sailing.

Heres Google Map I created which may be of use: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=201679363892230149918.000491f21215ee9f956c7&msa=0&ll=20.838278,-156.342316&spn=0.319582,0.676346

Have been to Maui ~6/7 times now and have some accommodation / gear hire / van hire contacts / tips etc. Give me shout if you want.


Added by rogerta on 26/07/13

Mike - why have you tagged Hairbenders, the local beauty salon in Paia? Were you getting your manboob implants done whilst you were there?

Added by mikep on 26/07/13

Roger - They do a mean back sack and crack.

Added by Mark on 02/08/13

Tickets booked!

So looking for tips on accommodation and hire hire?

On a budget, and saw Maui Luna Lodge, on mikep's map, anyone stayed there ?

Will be looking to hire a van (old one), and also considering getting a small camper, as really enjoyed having facilities right on the beach (facilities being beer and food, and some respite from sun and wind :). But the camper idea might be too expensive, as will need a roof without wheels for at least some part of the trip.

Added by mikep on 02/08/13

I stayed at Maui Luna Lodge for a month. Owners are in Italy and use a small outfit called Maui Tropical Vacations to handle their bookings. Call Cliff or Paula on +1 808 357 5530 / 808 573 5669.

Its in centre of Paia which is a good location.

Luna Lodge is clean and basic.