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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Back on the map, downunder

there is a point break too
Seacliff, SA
Started by Started by: Genevieve
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South Australia, the real secret location with thousands of unreal windsurfing spots.

Yep, Juan and the boys have rocked up in Adelaide and found a local haunt in Seacliff. It is remarkably windy, regularly - best direction is SW. Waves turn up if it is a southwesterly. There is a cafe with a view over the sailing. Sound like Hayling? this is what Juan thinks too!!! Just warmer, friendly dolphins and seals (although you do have to look twice each time you see those fins...), white sand and fewer cobbles (and as yet, no local Brazilians serving caiparinhas). On a sunny day, Juan was raving about similarities with Fuerteventura. Although, as he isn't working, this might just be euphoria. Mind you, he felt that when he saw sailors out before 8am taking advantage of the pre-work storm winds, he objected that this was in conflict with an unwritten rule about not sailing before 11, although he admitted he might have been confusing this with the not drinking before the sun reaches the yardarm rule...).

We took a camping trip to Beachport and had some lovely waves, and our first 4WD jaunt to the lake for speedsailing, and which feels quite similar to Bramblebush, thanks to some tips from friendly locals Dave and Kim.

We have a small family 4WD Delica and a (pretty big enclosed) trailer for all the windsurfing and SUP goodies. Juan has been kitting this out with board racks and some camping creature comforts like toilet and stove.

We are hoping to test waves at Seaford (U turns) soon. And December/January we are based in Victor Harbour, where the surf is more regular. We will update on these new spots!

Juan is a bit worried he won't get to use his steamer again. We watched your Autumn storms and it's looking a busy season! We hope the Gwythian BWA rocks again...

Last updated: 19/11/13 02:40 By: Genevieve
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Added by rogerta on 14/11/13

Fantastic piccies - great to hear you are all settling in well. The area looks absolutely idyllic - very jealous. I can fully understand Juan's concern, I too would be worried about not using my winter wetsuit ever again - just hope it doesn't ruin his time down under!!!!!!!

Added by mikep on 14/11/13

Nice pix. Looks like you are settling in nicely. I'm not jealous; honest ! ATB, Mike.

Added by Jean-Philippe (JP) on 14/11/13

This looks absolutely awesome Genevieve, I haven't windsurfed in the UK since I moved to Cheshire so seeing your report brings back many happy memories. Thanks for sharing and all the best down under.

Added by emma on 14/11/13

Hi Gen, Juan and boys...

Great to hear how well you're all getting on over there - very jealous now that it's getting pretty cold over here! The wind has been good though. BWA had great wind in Cornwall, pretty epic!

Keep having fun!

Emma x

Added by jonathan on 14/11/13

Glad you're all settling in and seen the logic of a trailer. I presume the charges for parking a trailer in Oz aren't as eye-watering as in the UK :)
We've missed you down at Hayling

Added by markh on 15/11/13

Looks amazing Gen. Kimmeridge the weekend before last was good but not quite the same and definitely winter wetsuit weather!

Added by Genevieve on 19/11/13

Just added some more evidence that the locals made ...



we are hoping you might visit....

Added by Genevieve on 19/11/13

not many places charge for parking...

Added by Duncan on 19/11/13

Ironically I'm out in Dahab at the moment and was chatting to one of the other guests who's from Adelaide and knows Seacliffe!!

Glad it's all going well.

Added by rogerta on 20/11/13

You must both be missing Hayling slop so much, given the conditions you are being forced to sail in... plus not having to pay for the pleasure of parking there - must be hell.

Added by rogerta on 20/11/13

Just watched the video in the second link - what a beautiful spot. Amazing thing is there are only a few people out. Imagine that on the south coast - it would be mobbed, people sailing into each other, people sailing over each other, they would be charging an arm and a leg for parking. Quality of life comes to mind...

Added by Genevieve on 20/11/13

We have a spare bedroom Roger...

Added by Genevieve on 20/11/13

Duncan - I hope you are doing lots of sailing there in Dahab.

Added by Genevieve on 20/11/13

Mike - we expect you to pop in some time on one of your world tours. Perhaps Via WA on route to Maui.

Added by Genevieve on 20/11/13

Duncan - you are also invited - but you have to know that you need to get your own gear as there is virtually no hire gear available in Australia.

Added by johng on 20/11/13

No chance of Duncan visiting - it's not completely flat! Think it's time we took a trip...

Added by Genevieve on 21/11/13

yes please!!!

Added by Genevieve on 21/11/13

JP - you really should visit outside Cheshire and go sailing...I think the BBC Coast show boasted that you are never more than 150 miles from the sea in the UK. or you could take Duncan's approach, and then it is your distance from the nearest international airport that matters for getting to the beach...

Added by mikep on 21/11/13

"Mike - we expect you to pop in some time on one of your world tours. Perhaps Via WA on route to Maui."

Now there's an idea... :)

Should ride down my my motorbike.

Added by Jean-Philippe (JP) on 21/11/13

Gen, Juan,
Duncan's approach looks more appealing :) Take care

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