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Panoramic view of Hayling Beach, high tide
Parking ranging by the time slot - All day 6.00, Overnight [22:00 - 08:00 ] 10.00
Toilets have a shower section,  but didn't try them. Toilets are vandal proof steel type. Drinking water.

Porn - Wave Fetish

Started by Started by: rogerta
WARNING - This content is only suitable for adult viewing


www.boardseekermag.com/news/news-videos/pure-pipel - watch for the clean out set at 2:52 where everyone starts paddling like lemmings to get out the way

Last updated: 21/01/14 13:21 By: rogerta
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Added by jonathan on 21/01/14

saw this the other day, one of the most impressive pieces of footage I've ever seen. And as well as being great entertainment it actually tells you more about a bottom turn / top turn than 100 technique articles could....

Added by rogerta on 21/01/14

Pure wave porn Jonathan - also shows you how to go over the falls with style (did you like Klaas's feet stuck in the air completely disorientated after getting completely mullered). Can't wait for the full film to come out with footage like that.

Added by jonathan on 24/01/14

speaking of waves.... I'm booked on Cribby's Ireland wave clinic again this year w/c 27 September - any interest?

Added by johng on 25/01/14

O - M - G!! I spent all my money on boards, sails, kit, and flights to Maui... The rest I just wasted.