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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Australia day

walkers rocks
aka newland conservation reserve, a few minutes north of elliston
Started by Started by: Genevieve
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the west coast classic ....
Now just to explain - in south australia, when they say the west coast they mean the western side of the EYRE peninsula which is the start of the Great Australian Bight, and the nullarbor dessert emptiness that ends in perth or thereabouts after umpteen thousands of kilometres of something starting with N in the great car game to distract from are we there yet queries (A=Nothing). When referring to western australia they say? well we are not quite sure yet - perhaps WA? as in 'double-U-A'.

We were based in Elliston. Just up from Port Lincoln, famous for ....Tuna and some other big water life that have teeth. This is about the same driving time from adelaide as Gwythian is from London (but this does not equate to the same distance - it is much further but there is MUCH less traffic, mostly a few shingle back lizards crossing the road, and the driving speed is higher). We took the ferry from Wallaroo to Lucky Bay to give more relaxation (a lot like the ferry to the isle of wight but takes 2 hours and involves a movie and cafe).

Elliston is quite similar to Gwythian but with the limitation of one pub, one small supermarket which is more like a cornershop; and a campsite. But what a campsite - by the beach with pool, bouncy castle and camp kitchen with great bbq's and kitchen stuff and tables under shade - which you need. The boys kept calling the spot bramblebush, but it is more like a cross between north devon/the Gower and bramblebush comes in because of the ferry I think. Only superfriendly dudes sail here it seems. It was great fun.

The wind didn't turn up when wanted in a specific direction needed for the surf beach- so the spot sailed was Walkers Rocks - which had dunes which were duly dunesurfed, just like in north devon and the gower. You drive onto the beach in your 4X4 to get further along the beach, and so next time will take the landsurfer like north devon as the sand is mostly nice and firm. When the swell is the right direction, this has an offshore bommy point (reef) with surf and then along the beach a nice easy wave forms like Gerroa, south of sydney in NSW in a light wind or sotovento fuerteventura if the wind was strong cross off.

The surf beach that we hope will work next time is Sheringa, which is about 20 minutes south of Elliston and divided into 2 bays - the south bay is big and wide and the next bay along, which I call the north bay, is tight with cliffs around it and has a reef a bit like a surgeons table(think WA), and reminded me of the west coast of north fuerteventura, Cotillo. It had excellent but dicey swell that every now and again closed out the whole bay with several consecutive lines of heavy white water. we spent a lot of time looking and hoping but... there was not a breath of wind in the bay.

It was all very spectacularly hot, the sun shone incessantly, with the days in the water on SUP or sailing, some surfing and the nights involved lots of beer and BBQ and chat. We all felt like the next OMWC event should be here...

Last updated: 07/02/14 03:24 By: Genevieve
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Added by Genevieve on 07/02/14

we also heard a lot about a rather less than attractively named legendary wave spot called 'cactus' and hopefully can tell more another time...

Added by Genevieve on 07/02/14

the seabreeze link photos are more impressive...