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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2014 AGM and Megabash - Hayling Island Seacourt

Host Host: johng
Date Date: 08/02/14
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
A very windy and occasionally rainy afternoon was the introduction to the AGM and Bash for 2014. Amazingly, no OMWCers were out - but it was blowing madly and not especially welcoming! I'd have been there, but... Anyway, good waves at low tide... and the sandbar is on the move, with some interesting surfy possibilities emerging. Hayling is changing.

A surprisingly select affair, the AGM was very convivial, with the cosy bar at Seacourts offering the usual welcome, and business conducted over pints of quality bitter - the rugby was on the Big Screen for the spousal non-AGMers, which was a bonus. The minutes are posted separately, however, for those who can't be bothered to read them, the net is that the membership fee is still 0, but we'll have to start working on raising some cash to make sure we don't run out in a few years' time. There'll be events, like last year, and the highlights of the season will all be there. Oh yes - and you have a new chairman and event sec...

Some more stalwarts turned up for the buffet and following convivialities - why not the AGM, guys? Maybe next year eh? The buffet was excellent, with plenty for all, and drink flowed freely, some of it from Chris M's glass as he demonstrated his ability to perform the most flowing of Tai Chi moves whilst glass in hand. Not to mention the ability to suck a 5 note off the floor... much to Bill's chagrin! Thanks for the first fundraising donation, guys. The club's annual awards were handed out with due ceremony, Juan & Gen receiving the Fish out of Water Cyberstatue, to mark their spectacular jumping from here to there after being such huge contributors to the club for so long, and Mike T. scooping up the Good Skegg of the Year in recognition of his huge and spectacularly successful efforts to retrieve lots of our money from the recalcitrant Paypal - thanks Mike, you've effectively kept the show on the road for at least one more year!

We kept at it until the Seacourt management intervened and threw us out, in the most amiable manner, leaving us to continue the festivities at the Secret Spot.

The morning after saw clear skies, strong winds, and head-clearing walks on the seafront and beach. Lovely. It's good to be reminded what you like about windsurfing, even if you aren't actually doing it - good company, outdoors, sun, sea... Bring on the 2014 season - it starts NOW!

Last updated: 10/02/14 20:54 By: johng
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Added by Andrew on 10/02/14

And huge thanks to John for taking on the role of chair

Added by jonathan on 11/02/14

Yes, thank you and well done John! Unfortunately we couldn't make it due to Nayra's birthday celebrations - which ended up with her falling flat on her face in Piccadilly Circus and ending up with a black eye - no doubt a sign of things to come...

Added by Yannis on 18/02/14

Did you guys agree when the 2014 calendar will be populated?