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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2014 Event Sec Report

Another year of change! For me, 3 weddings, including my own, for club members in various ways - has the club changed? Are events providing what people are interested in? How do we know? Presumably by the turn-out?

Basically, the big long weekend events are looking good. We got lots of people to the first and possibly coldest event, Cornwall in March - glad we booked a cottage! Brrrr?. even the hardy G&J had a place over near Hayle. The intervening events up to the May BH were mixed, and often although planned elsewhere, ended up at Hayling, judging by diary entries. Again good showings and lots of entries for the Weymouth and N Devon trips - it seems that all you have to do is organise a bit of sun and a gigantic campfire and people are sorted!

But again Bramblebush in June pulled the biggest surprise crowd - some faces rarely seen appeared, and although conditions were very windy at times, there was lots of good sailing. And the inevitable campfire, BBQ, circled wagons, kids playing out their own politics while the ?grownups? drank beer and broke kitchen implements. And Bramblebush continued to deliver throughout the season. A great spot.

Calshot - note to self, book now! If only all weekends were like this, but with a bit more wind? It seems the plan is to book on a non-RNLI weekend show weekend, because then we get the ?secret spot? away from everyone else and again, with circled wagons.

So - the recipe for success is clear.
- Declare every weekend a long one
- Stay with the current formal/informal mix, really only expecting people on long or forecast good weekends, unless it?s at Bramblebush when it will always be lovely
- Huge thanks to Mike T for coming up with his list of suggestions for the year!

Last updated: 10/02/14 21:04 By: johng
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Added by Yannis on 10/02/14

Sorry I missed it. Did anyone sail? I was out in a tshirt in Athens!

Added by johng on 10/02/14

Not as far as I know - there were people out, not from the club though. It having been 3+ months since I last went sailing, my van didn't start, so I ended up taking the car :(. Not good - Sunday would have been worth a go, windy but brilliant sun and waves.