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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

AGM 2014 - Minutes

1. Recap of 2013 AGM
It was agreed that the minutes were a true representation of last year?s AGM.

2. Annual Report from each committee member

Chairman?s report was read by the Events sec.

Treasurer?s report. All the accounts have now been re-organised, and everything is in good shape for this year. Average expenditure is 640/yr, which gives the club no more than 6 years before we have to have taken some financial remedial action.

Events Sec report - Hayling is seen as a premier venue - it?s good to sail there! B?bush is great for kids - you get to stay away, it?s an adventure.
Hosting - still has a role for a contact point for new people to ask questions, although many enquiries are captured by the webmaster and answered by the events sec! Hosts are also useful because they make a call on the forecast conditions and either move or cancel.
Should we use members? old kit as loaner kit for potential new members, especially those asking for rental kit?
It was suggested that we create a list of rental locations for different event locations, on the website, and associated with specific event notifications.
We should ask importers and shops and centres to let the club know about demo days they are planning.

Webmaster report. Ad income is about 75/year, stats are about the same. It?s a low-maintenance site, and still works fine. It could be updated to be a mobile-friendly site, but the webmaster is currently engaged for cash elsewhere, which has a severe impact on engaging on such a project.

3. Annual subscription rates for 2014
It was agreed to keep the subscription rate at 0/yr. The website is about 120/yr net inc. of ads income. A non-zero fee would be a significant management overhead - the preference is for fund-raising events, with surplus funds going to the club?s coffers. We should consider a Fundraiser post - Nuala put herself forward as a candidate.

4. Committee Posts
Gen has resigned the post of Chairman.
Nuala suggested that we reinstate the post of Secretary, and she was duly nominated and appointed. The Secretary will also assist with fundraising activities.
John G was nominated, seconded and voted in as Chairman, resigning the post of Events Sec.
Mike T was nominated, seconded and voted in as Events Sec.
Andrew C was happy to continue as webmaster.
Nick B was happy to remain as Treasurer

5. Discussion with members / AOB
Lawrence raised the issue of contingency and succession planning - having a separate Secretary with account signature rights will asset with this. We also need to have some kind of repository of crucial information e.g. website management, Paypal codes and so on. The committee takes an action to set up such contingency planning.

At 18.25 the AGM adjourned to the bar.

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