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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

AGM 2014 - Chairman's Report

Hello everyone ! What an interesting windsurfing year OMWC has had. I don?t want to steal kudos from the events organiser John, but I thought another quick squiz at how much fun sailing we all had is a nice way to start. We had lots of opportunities to visit the nicer coastal corners of the UK. Lots of bonfire building. If you took advantage of opportunities knocking, there was plenty of water time. And I don?t just mean the stuff falling from the sky. The spring season started off particularly snowy and cold in the Easter start in Cornwall. The weekend in Bigbury was surrounded by rain but the campers had a pleasant and very convivial weekend in sunny, small but perfectly shaped waves conditions ? a lesson perhaps that staying home might not be the solution to the unique British weather (yes, this claim, the uniqueness aspect, can be sourced to the BBC, so it must be official). The weekends slowly evolved into summer with a bang at Bramblebush, Poole. And the wind surprised everyone by howling through in the perfect direction, challenging the smallest sail sizes, and testing the aging UJ?s. Our favourite countryside pub was crazily busy ? where do they all come from?? -but what a great fun weekend. Then it evolved into summer. The party at Calshot, Westward Ho! And all the hazy summer days of sailing, weekends or after work, and then. After the Hayling Wind festival. Autumn struck. Quite literally. The storms haven?t stopped since. So lots of redbullish type extreme wind to challenge us out of falling into the winter hibernations. The photos reflect what Beaufort observed in the upper reaches of his scale ? lots of white water, foam flying, and something he didn?t note as windsurfers hadn?t yet been invented (surely someone will challenge that claim?) the smile factor that wind-adrenalin induces!! And in Roger?s case ? the scars to prove it.

I would like to push aside their modesty and thank John (events), Andrew (we8), Mike (tidal location events plotter), and Nick (accounts) for all their hard work. It matters and it counts towards the successes.

Regarding the AGM agenda
3. OMWC Fees - my guidance for the discussion on this is that these should be kept zero (or a token such as 5 pounds? If pecuniary pressures are truly great. But I don?t really encourage this).

The value of the web forum and the events ?sketch? of locations are central to helping people form plans to get to the coast and share sailing experiences. But inclusiveness and encouragement is a good thing, and for our sport that is best shared around. I am hoping that Andrew can predict that the ads are again delivering an increase in income. We should be encouraging ad clicking, even if only informally. Surely all those holiday and dating site ads are useful to browse for some of us?

4. Chairman post ? perhaps you need some new blood on the board? (not quite in the way Roger?s head struck his board though?)

Mid-year, our view of the world changed as the Hierro family moved downunder to keep working. Remarkably, I can say that the great thing about sailing with OMWC is that it is just like sailing in Australia. Long weekends to sandy locations with good chances for wind and waves. Getting out on the water over weekends, after or before work, or on sly days off with your mates on any breeze. Sandboarding in North Devon is just like sandboarding on the west coast here. Sharing a beer in the evening after a sail differs only in that here they need to be cold (which can be a considerable challenge to the esky when it is 45C!) and lagerlike (Guinness has a price akin to golddust). I can safely assert that the OMWC brings us together for sailing opportunities with our mates in a windsurfing fraternity. Fair dinkum. Mate. (yes, I am struggling to relearn that lingo.) And in an increasingly individual-centric world, the popularity of things like facebook/twits, etc indicate if nothing else, that people want to get a lot of sharing experiences with their mates, but ideally done in the real world too psychologists say, and OMWC neatly links both together. Keep on keeping on!

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