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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

EASTER Cornwall, Gwithian/Marazion 18-21 April

How did other venues fare on Stormy Sunday
Host Host: johng
Date Date: 18/04/14
Venue Venue: Cornwall
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 3 star rating
Firstly, thanks to Dodger's dad for the tip on lodgings - everyone checked in at the cheesy 50s throwback St Ives Holiday Village, which is actually in Lelant Downs, not St Ives at all, but I assume it gains by the association with the Cornish centre of art and touristic excellence... Great to see Mark, Jude and the guys, Yannis, Sarah and the boogie boarding babes, and the aforementioned Dodger dudes. I wish I could say we'd spent hours around a fire bowl, drinking and talking, but everyone passed out about 9pm every night! Not sure what my excuse was - maybe the first trip with the cat (ever!! At 19 years she just made the longest trip of her life! An example to us all...).

A trip of two halves weather-wise - Friday sunny, Saturday sunny, Sunday rainy and Monday overcast. Yannis scored on Saturday, a Marazion deflowering, and given previous history, lucky to get one in on a first trip. Your heroic (!) host got out in waves at Gwithian on Sunday, oogie boogie, and finally everyone (except Mark!) got out on Monday at Marazion again. Hooray! And many pasties were harmed in the making of this story...

And if you have an hour or two, and are around Zennor, I'd recommend the Wayside Museum and Trewey Mill - fascinating place, brilliant collection of artefacts from 3000bc to the recent past, evocative of Cornish life and people, not to speak of a very friendly couple owning it.

See you all in Devon, I guess...

Last updated: 21/04/14 22:38 By: johng
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Diary for Yannis at Cornwall on 19/04/14

First time at Marazion
Rating:2 star rating
Board:120 litres

First sail of the year and first ever sail at Marazion. What a great backdrop St. Michaels Mount makes!

First half an hour the wind was hesitant. Only some racing guys on 9m were occasionally planing. But at around 3pm the wind picked up and I flew across the bay.

Carl, Mark & Co were chilling further down the beach and John was exploring a watermill in Zennor.

Tomorrow Monday forecast looks good! Fingers crossed.

Diary for johng at Cornwall on 20/04/14

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:2 star rating
Board:102 litres

So - Cornwall, at Easter. And there's wind and waves... What's going on? Normally we get skunked...
And I tried. Gwithian, NNE F5/6, proper NW swell, 10secs-ish. Super-rusty, biggish (for me!) waves, and lots of power in them. Got out the back initially, came in with bad timing, missing a set completely... Headed out again - oops... Big set, got toadly munched, a number of times, oogaboogaoogaboogaoogaboogatumbleywumbleyholdyourbreathaslongasyoucanwhere'supatlastbreathethankheaventhey'retensecondwaves until I was able to get the kit, get the beach. Phew. Certain amount of bottle loss saw me standing on the beach for a bit, before having another go, but by then my heart wasn't in it. And it rained.
Positives - lost kit, recovered kit, swam faster than I can believe, wore flotation (top idea!), didn't lose wedding ring (which I forgot to remove), so lots of lessons learned from previous incidents, got out first time no problem (timing!)
Negatives - knackered!! need to improve fitness levels, more positive attitude needed to get out, more practice with getting out
And I was the only OMWCer who did go out, so big up for John!
Fell asleep in the van before heading back to base, must've been hard work.

Diary for johng at Cornwall on 21/04/14

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:3 star rating
Board:116 litres

AH, how little it takes to tempt me out! A bit of sun... A big coffee prior... Other people looking like they might be going out... That's all. The wind was up and down a bit, but Marazion looked good in the sun. Rigged 6.5 on the 116l, just to make sure of planing results, and joined Yannis and Le Big C on the very flat-looking water. It turned out to be building into some reasonable swell, in the SE wind, which added to the fun coming back in. Did a few amusing gybes, especially a number of ducks - good fun, even planed through one! Very much a day for blasting up and down, so I did. Good for restoring confidence and faith in ability to windsurf after the previous day's humiliation at Gwithian...
And all this while the cat slept in the van. Perfect. A great weekend! Great to see the guys who turned up, and see you all soon again I hope.

Diary for Yannis at Cornwall on 21/04/14

Rating:2 star rating
Board:120 litres

Marazion day 2: As John mentioned, an egg/bacon baguette, a cup of coffee and a nice chat, whilst looking out the cafe window at the sea is a great start of a windsurfing day. Not sure where the little bit of sun John mentioned came from, but I think he is surrounded by a micro-climate of positive thinking. A very grey day which is a shame as the sea in Marazion has a lovely blue colour when the sun is out.

I was tempted to rig a 6.4m but then went for my 7.5 which was a wise choice. And even then it was stop-and-go throughout. To catch some stable breeze I had to sail to the other side of the bay. And not much gybing action as every time I started planing I just kept going straight until the next lull. The swell didn't bother me much, I even jumped my freeride board a couple of times.

We finished our Cornwall weekend with a visit to St. Michaels Mount which was great. We left at 6:30pm and it took us 6 hours to get back to Bromley which is a miracle given the Easter shenanigans.

We had a fantastic weekend. We will definitely be heading back next year!

Diary for BeachAddict at Cornwall on 21/04/14

Avon BEach
Avon Beach, 4.2 Day
Rating:4 star rating
Board:98 litres

What a great Easter weekend. A day surfing at Gwithian, a day lazing in the sun on the beach, a day dithering and not sailing at Godrevy and a day blasting at Marazion. Great to see everyone, and top marks to John for getting out in some chunky waves in the rain while the rest of us talked ourselves out of it with the locals.

Added by Juanito on 28/04/14

Sorry not there missed you all we where at Robe wave classic weather semilar just a bit warmer good wind on Easter Monday with 4 foot waves

Added by justa799 on 28/04/14

Also sorry not to be there, excuse not as good as Juan, will be at future events.

Added by Yannis on 28/04/14

Just to clarify that my 2 stars referred to the sailing. The weekend gets 4 stars! If it didn't rain on Sunday and if the carpet in our place was not covered in dog hair it would get 5! (We don't have a dog)