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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Campsite Options on the Swanage peninsula

Started by Started by: Bill_W
When searching for a suitable campsite for this weekend, I checked the Swanage area looking for something close to Bramblebush Bay. When I checked Google Maps search, the idea hit me, there is a site, about 3km, 2 miles west of Bramblebush, which might be a really great place to stay, with direct access to a launch site.

Cleavel Point Camp Site - The site has historically been used for Scouts, so its not open to public bookings. But the description on the farm website reads "Camping Sites for Scouts, Guides and organised Groups camping in Dorset ". So we might be able to negotiate something.

So, I 'm wondering if local knowledge could predict whether the location is worth investigating + pursuing further, for future bookings. And whether we would have enough numbers to make it a possibility? Your feedback is invited.

Campsite Options

My Google map search located a forgotten corner of a Farm, which rents to Scout groups and Organised Groups [like OMWC???].

Cleavel Point Camp Site
Cleavel Point Camp Site is situated on a the south side of Poole Harbour, with a good launching beach for canoes and sailing dinghies. Bookings are administered through the farmer managing Ower and Goathorn farms.


Google Map location

California Campsite
I've previously stayed at California Campsite

From memory it has :-
[on the minus side] only cold running water and the toilets are a bit sheep shed like, no showers,
[on the plus side] possibility of a fire pit, close-ish to the Swanage cliffs [good if you're a keen rock climber], low cost, does not have static caravans with lots of Grannies, but it is hidden behind a couple of Caravan park sites.

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Tom's Field campsite
Hot showers, but people have commented, the token runs out sooner than you'd think.

Acton Fields campsite

Last updated: 09/06/14 16:12 By: Bill_W
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Added by Robert W-S on 09/06/14

Cleavel Point on west side of bay opposite Green Island........ North of BH20 5JH

Not been up there. Worth checking out next time. Maybe a no wind / bike excursion.

Perhaps someone else has tried it though. I wonder is the water deep enough up there?

Added by Yannis on 09/06/14

Stayed a few times at the Corfe Castle camping site. Not close to the beach, expensive and on a good day tightly packed, but quiet, immaculate and walking distance from the castle.