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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

North Devon 23-25 August

chris & george f
Host Host: Nigel
Date Date: 23/08/14
Venue Venue: North Devon
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 2 star rating

Last updated: 25/08/14 21:14
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Diary for Andrew at North Devon on 22/08/14

Andrew pondering life.
Andrew pondering life, from the top of Las Dunas, in Tarifa.
Rating:1 star rating
Board:101 litres

A pointless sail at Westward Ho!

Went out on small kit, hoping that a combination of sea breeze and small waves might be enough - it wasn't. I was only out for five minutes, but at least I knew it wasn't really windy, rather than wondering if I might have missed something.

Really nice to be in North Devon though, Northam Burrows still a great place, and good company.

Diary for Heather at Hayling Island on 23/08/14

Rating:3 star rating
Board:192 litres

Arrived down late afternoon. Conditions looked great-low tide, a few white caps and people planing. Had a few lovely runs before the wind died - as if someone had turned off a switch! Shame as it was lovely.

Diary for Bill_W at North Devon on 23/08/14

Rating:2 star rating
Board:90 litres

Many thanks to the warm welcome to Westward Ho beach, from Nigel, Mark and Chris.

Today I took my first surfing class (yes, without a sail, in those rolling waves), 8ft foam beginners board with 3x skegs and leash. Great fun.! 1m waves, warm water.

The first big learning experience was - get to the same speed as the wave, if you want to catch the wave. Really helpful to have an instructor propel your board into the passing wave. Get the feel of the benefit.

Second learning point was to keep low on board till you've got the hang of balance and steering. Only then should you think about try to stand up.

By 3pm, the clouds parted and the sun came out.

Fantastic beach, the instructors said last winter storms moved a lot of sand, and at low tide lot of clay patches and boulders are now visible. There are about 3x boat wrecks, leaving wooden beams protruding, but not marked.

Lifeguards mark a swimming/surfing area with flags.

Diary for Nigel at North Devon on 23/08/14

Nigel & Buddy at Westward Ho!
Our dedicated hosts for the weekend.
Rating:3 star rating
Board:0 litres

Having seen a number of other windsurfers frantically rig and head down to the beach on Friday ,Andrew suddenly decided to do the same, the wind was picking up as the tide was coming in, but it just did not increase enough and proved to be a frustrating effort .

Mark C. Chris M and myself had a cracking time speed sailing on Saturday and Sunday , practicing all the usual tricks , 360' s, duck jybes , carve jybes , sailing back to wind along with some good old fashioned blasting that blew the Cobb webs away.

While enjoying ourselves on the beach a stunning looking schooner approached and made its way down the estuary with a helicopter escort, it turned out to be the Katherine and May built 114 years ago, crewed by 12 people, it has three masts and four jibs. Refitted in Bideford approximately five years ago and is the only one of its kind left in the world. Docked at the quay now where it is registered for everyone to view and admire, until it's next outing.

The evenings were spent in Appledore soaking up the friendly atmosphere in the pubs and listening to the live music.

As it was such a poor forecast for the next day we decided to miss that and drift off home early, just as Bill W. and Suzanne arrived and looking forward to their surfing lessons that they had booked for Monday. I hope that the bad weather did not put you off coming back.

Thanks to everybody who turned up to make it a fun weekend,


Diary for Bill at Hayling Island on 23/08/14

Bill (1)
Rating:1 star rating
Board:135 litres

Blowing a decent westerly when we arrived at the beach but as soon as we launched the wind switched northerly and dropped. Blobbed about for a bit but it didn't look like it was going to pick up again.

Diary for johng at South Devon (Exmouth) on 24/08/14

Hunter S Gouk
Rating:2 star rating
Board:116 litres

Arrived on the off-chance that a NW might work at one of the Exmouth beaches, to find a reasonable wind on the Queens Road beach, but nobody out. What did they know that I didn't? Tide on the rise, so could have chanced it but beach extremely busy on "the busiest day of the year" (c) RNLI rescue person Matt, owing to Surf Lifesavers jamboree, RNLI Open Day and the Red Arrows and Lancaster bombers at Dawlish air show across the estuary.

So eventually went over to check out the Duckpond - meh. Pretty light winds, some kiters draping strings in yer path relentlessly, so bashed about for an hour or so to say I'd done it then stopped. Nice day though, and excellent ice creams earlier!