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Gyro copter

F2 retro wave board for only 10!

Started by Started by: Yannis
Fancy a bit of retro wave riding? Then this is for you:

F2 Guerilla 240 (2004)
244, 56, 87lt.

In perfect sailing condition, but with a few cosmetic marks, including two small custom repairs at the front. And you can't beat that leopard print design!

Suits: sports historians, collectors, or anyone fancy riding a board made when Britney Spears was still in the charts.

It's been in the shed for 3 years. Keep using my 95lt Fanatic Freewave.

I was going to give it away for free but I read somewhere that if people have to pay they make more effort!

Catch is: You have to pick it up from Bromley as I am probably not driving down south until next Easter.

Last updated: 30/08/14 09:06 By: Yannis
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Added by Geraint on 30/08/14

How about a Mistral Concept Wave 257 c mid 90's? Would happily take a tenner for that to get it out the shed!
Collection from Frome, Somerset.

Added by Yannis on 01/09/14

Sounds like I will have to pay to get rid of it!