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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

OMWC Events 2015

Started by Started by: johng
Hi Happy OMWCers!

The Event Elves have been slaving over a hot spreadsheet to set up the complex web that is the OMWC 2015 Event Schedule. Here's an update on some of the points raised at the AGM:

- Calshot 18-19 July: Alternatives to this date: spoke to the Calshot team, all the other weekends already had other groups staying over. With no announcement yet on the RNLI weekend, then let's stick with this.

- Ferring/Worthing event: The proposed 9-10 May is horrible for Ferring, so left it as Hayling for now. We could go with 8-9 Aug for this location instead

- Bramblebush 6-7 Jun: Switched the B'bush and Hillhead dates, so now Hillhead 20-21 Jun.

- Lepe 19-20 Sep & Hayling Island 3-4 Oct: Mike T is back from NZ for 19-20 Sep, and suggests he could host if we're at Hayling, so switched these two dates

Final version published shortly, with added hosts.

Feel free to comment on this - member views always welcome!

Last updated: 23/02/15 21:04 By: johng
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Added by Yannis on 08/03/15

What's happening with Easter, Cornwall etc.? We are going and I am looking at the Hoseasons, St Ives Holiday Village we stayed at last year with John, youknowwho, et al. Their package is 3 nights from Friday April 3rd. The mouldy chalet (!) we stayed at is available but for the sake of variety we might pick something else!

Who is going and any other ideas on accommodation?

Added by johng on 09/03/15

I haven't decided yet, we have g-kids coming over Easter, so I might be distracted by 9m old headbangers. Jen won't be up for it for sure, although the Easter Cornwall trip is one of my favourites and sets the tone for the year!

Anyone else planning on going?

Added by emma on 30/03/15


I've just got myself a campervan so would like to do a few events this year!

I only picked it up yesterday, I don't think i'll come to cornwall but would like to stay a bit closer to the south east / south coast.

I'll have a look at the calendar and see what fits :)

Added by Yannis on 30/03/15

We are not going to Cornwall either after all. Too long of a drive for 4 days and since nobody else will be there we decided to give it a miss.

We might have a van as well, so whether we make it to Hayling this weekend, or anywhere for that matter depends on what we are going to be driving. Hopefully we will get to see some people next couple of weeks and get wet as well!