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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2015 AGM Minutes

2015 AGM Minutes
Attendance: Yannis, N&L, Audrey, B&H, Andrew, JohnG


1.Recap of 2014 AGM

Minutes agreed.

2.Annual Report from each committee member

Apologies from Nick Bending treasurer.

Chairman: see report.

Website: ticking along happily, sufficient, stats look much the same. 473 registered users on website, but active members obviously much lower. AdSense income has dropped off (about 50% over last 2 years, now 50/year), but it was not expected to make much. Costs are static, hosting now by Peartree. General agreement that the website works well. No apparent need to have a Facebook group, provided we're not trying to increase membership, and general experience is that once an organisation uses Facebook, it becomes the standard. The session diary statistics and reporting remain one of the most useful parts of the site ? it has even been used as a learning tool for tracking and recording sessions for future planning.

3.Annual subscription rates for 2015

The Sub rate will be 0 for 2015, with a view to implementing an ?active member? fee to address the
ongoing insurance costs in future years. See AOB.

4.Committee Posts

All committee members are happy to remain in post for 2015.

5.Discussion with members / AOB

Costs vs. membership fees: Do we need a ?beach member? category, possibly with a small fee, that will reduce our insurance overhead? Perhaps 50 or fewer members would be substantially cheaper. The CTC or similar model all does that. We should investigate this approach to reducing the insurance.

1.Find out what the insurance difference would be ? what are the thresholds? Nick settled on 250 nominal members for this year.
2.If it's worth it, look at mechanisms for reducing the actual active member count to within the threshold.
3.Webmaster to see if the diary stats provide a useful guide to the number of active members

Weymouth: N & L want to move Weymouth to early May BH. Moved, Aug BH left unchanged.
Calshot: 11-12 July or 4-5 July? Event Sec to check with Calshot for RNLI clash

Yannis: can we get more kid windsurfing learning to happen?
Kit ? hard to get them all out at once!
If it's not windy they can go, if it's windy, we're out! Tricky
Parent needs suitable kit to be with the kid whilst learning e.g. SUP

Possible venues:
Calshot ? need to involve the Calshot instructors, potentially renting an instructor for our group.
Weymouth ? good instruction or within the group. Also turn up in the T15 group
Bramblebush ? no official instructors, but parents can organise themselves
Hayling low tide
Onus is on parents to organise ? the Event Sec is happy to facilitate instruction etc. if that would help.
Members need to start forum thread to get interest and contacts generated

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