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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2015 Chairperson's Report

Another year, another reduction in the intensity of club activity!
The year started out mild, and there were quite a few long evenings with beer and a barbecue, albeit after a ?big sail? day. Either I found it hard to get to the beach, with various personal things happening, or my mind has blanked them all out... Generally, attendance at events has been reasonable, but generally limited to the more ?event?-like events e.g. Cornwall, Devon, the Summerbash and that mainstay of the summer calendar, Bramblebush. Hayling seems to be the default location, but that may change - this year marked the departure of one of the club's stalwarts, Mike Tate. He's moved to New Zealand, acquired a new job, a monster truck, and a house with a sea view overlooking Weymouth! Good binoculars too, obviously.

The club appears to have settled into a pattern of low-key involvement by those club members who still actively windsurf, with a minimum of hands-on maintenance. The Host model still seems to be important for attendance, or maybe it's just because the host turns up for the main events as well as everyone else! Thanks to all those who hosted and especially those who went the extra mile and organised, provisioned and watered the assembled multitude.

Unless there is a strong movement for a higher level of scheduled activity, I don't really see the need to increase the amount of planning and resulting effort on the committee's part. A few years ago we set out to reduce the adminstrative overhead and so on, and that's certainly worked, because it's now extremely low. However, maybe that's been at the price of decreased engagement by members ? chicken or egg?? Certainly the nature of the club's members' lives and their activity has changed enormously, with in many cases the arrival of children and the consequent reduction in free time, so it's not unreasonable to expect the club to change.

Do we keep it going? Funds are still reasonable (treasurer's report to follow), the major expenditure is the event insurance, without which we'd be unable to put on events like the Summerbash. Provided members are happy with the events, the event schedule, we still have good days at the beach together, and nobody feels stressed up about the admin, why not? Ideas on a postcard...

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