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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Worthing 9/10 June

Bill and Heather paddle it out at Worthing
Host Host: Heather
Date Date: 09/06/07
Venue Venue: Worthing
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
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Rating OMWC Rating: 1 star rating
It was wavy, it was windy and we were all on wave boards and 5m sails. Errr NOT! For once Worthing did not come up with the goods - not even the usual sea breeze. However, it turned in to a thoroughly enjoyable weekend anyway.

Bill and I arrived first and set up beach hut 192. The weather was fantastic - blue skies and lovely and warm. We had two firsts - Neil & Reena & Steve and Carole brought their babies to the beach for the first time. It was great to see them and they seemed to really enjoy it (parents and children). Could these be the champions of the future?! Steve Gaskell and John Gouk arrived next - I think they smelt the arrival of the homemade sausage rolls.

The breeze was trying to tempt us a little so Bill and I rigged up. Not enough wind for fun so changed to alternative activities - using the boards as kayaks with my newly acquired paddle that could be used as 1 or split in to 2. I had a go first and then my Mum decided to try - we were the testers and then the Hawaii-five-O championships started. There was a limited field as Steve could not be dragged from his chair and the parents were clearly otherwise engaged! All heats were fiercely contested but it has to be said that John Gouk was the champion although there was much skullduggery afoot. Next was joint paddling with towing and finally I had a go at standing up and paddling - unfortunately with only half the paddle this meant a rather strange stance with all sorts of comments re my rear end, probably best not repeated.

By the time we got out of the water late Tate and Audrey had also arrived on the scene - needless to say we had to rub it in that they had missed Elsie's home made sausage rolls and cake - all had been consumed with gusto before the championships. Back to the Mulgrew household for showers before heading to the George for the gargantuan carvery. We all left full of booze and a lot heavier!!

Sunday was beautiful inland but there was a sea mist at the beach. Not to be deterred we sat at the beach hut and tried to spot the yachts and people in the eerie mist. The next batch of sausage rolls provided welcome sustenance and was the signal for the sun to come out. Lovely. No one ventured onto the water but a couple of us ventured in for a lovely swim instead.

Thanks to everyone that came down - a great weekend despite the lack of wind.


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Diary for Haylingmike at Worthing on 10/06/07

Mike at Lady D's fountain
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No wind - turned up late Saturday afternoon but hadn't missed anything. The Toby Carvery as usual did us proud but Sunday morning Worthing was shrouded in a heavy sea mist that blocked out the sun making it pretty cold and damp! Went home soon after midday

Added by johng on 13/06/07

Storming picture of Bill taken aback by his resplendently glorious monster! Fortunately Audrey and I avoided having our pictures taken diving for profiteroles together...


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