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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

North Devon 29-31 Aug 2015

Host Host: Nigel
Date Date: 29/08/15
Venue Venue: North Devon
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
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Rating OMWC Rating: 4 star rating

Last updated: 01/09/15 17:55 By: Andrew
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Diary for markc at North Devon on 28/08/15

Mark C
Rating:4 star rating
Board:127 litres

Got down to Westward Ho a day early as the forcast looked like it might work. sw cross on and fairly light but maybe enough so rigged up and had a go. Bit of a slog getting out through the 5-6ft waves as not much power in the sail and was more of a balance test, but great fun riding back in. Ran out of energy after around 4hrs, and had drifted up towards the river mouth so a long walk with the kit back to the van, found out later it was one of the lowest tides of the year for this beach from one of the guys carrying out a survey, thought it was a long walk!!
Spent the rest of the weekend speedsailing and Bass fishing, great to speedsail with my brother again and catch up with Nigel, and meet Yannis, good weekend.

Diary for Nigel at North Devon on 29/08/15

Nigel & Buddy at Westward Ho!
Our dedicated hosts for the weekend.
Rating:4 star rating
Board:0 litres

I arrived late on Friday afternoon just as Mark had finished his long session out in the waves, there was more wind than forecast & warm bright sunshine.
Saturday saw four of us out on speed sails in the light wind conditions loads of beach due to the low tide state giving us plenty of room to practice tricks . In the evening I met up with Yannis and his family on the Quay at Appledore while watching a fantastic sunset.
Sunday was a perfect surf day , as clean as it gets and three foot high waves, easy to get out the back as there were plenty of gaps and some super long rides just in front of the crest of the wave . Both Chris L. and myself agreed some of the best conditions we have had here. Mark and his brother decided to keep to the speed sailing.
Monday Mark and Paul were both back on their speed sails, Chris headed for home and I was quite happy to chill out after yesterdays energetic surfing session.
A very enjoyable weekend, thanks to everyone who came down,

Added by Yannis on 01/09/15

Not much to report I am afraid. We stopped at Westward Ho! on our way back from Cornwall. Not very nice weather. No wind for sailing and the kids had already done enough surfing to bother going back in the water. Following Nigel's advice we spent one night on the Appledore Quay. Sunday morning we went crab finishing in the rain and then we headed back to London.

Added by Bill_W on 11/09/15

Hi Guys, sorry we couldn't join you this year. We were on family holiday in Lacanau, SW.France. I might get to post some photo's in time. Love your sunset photo, we had similar. Ha, ha my daughter got photos on facebook from a friend in Brittany of the same sunset.

I havn't made it to the coast much this year. And keep breaking gear; not a good year.

Lacanau was great: huge beaches, soft soft sand, Atlantic rollers for lots of bodyboard/surfing fun, also in-land lakes if you want calm. We did lots of mornings on beach, maybe a surf lesson, then head to lake when the wind chill got annoying for the sunbathers. Oh, and don't forget the wine and food!!! Great times.

Added by Bill_W on 13/09/15

Hi again, I added some pictures, but they didn't attach to this years North Devon event page. Because they have last years date. Check out the Pictures section of site, for some panoramic views of Westward Ho and Lacanau beach.


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