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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Lepe 16/17 June

Carl at Lepe
Carl finding the ripples at Lepe.
Host Host: Clare D
Date Date: 16/06/07
Venue Venue: Lepe & Calshot
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 3 star rating
Whilst the forecast - for Saturday at least - looked pretty good on the face of it, the reality was somewhat different! In hindsight the best policy would have been to rig any sail between a 5.5 and a 7.5 and then wait for the right conditions to prevail. Most people however rigged according to the prevailing wind only to find it had changed once they got out on the water! As a result I spent all day rigging and derigging, changing boards fins and sails - but did succeed on occassion - allbeit briefly - to get the optimum combination!

It was in one of those moments that I took the opportunity to pop over to Gurnard on the Isle of Wight - 20 minutes to get over there and back including time spent socialising with the locals!

We had a turnout in the low teens which wasn't bad but surprisingly low considering the forecast. We were down to ten of us for dinner at the Forest Home on Saturday evening where they did us proud. (The lamb shank and dauphinoise potatoes were excellent!)

Sunday dawned dull and still so I headed for home - and will leave Clare to complete the story!


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Diary for jonathan at Lepe & Calshot on 16/06/07

Vulcan attempt # 1
My first proper vulcan attempt...
Rating:3 star rating
Board:91 litres

A day of ups and downs, sun and rain etc.
Started off on my 6.6m which quickly became a handful in the lumpy water. My 5.5m on a smaller board fared much better. The wind then dropped to nothing, and then when it seemed like it was time to pack up, it picked up enough to use my 6.6m again. On a retreating tide the water then went very flat - perfect for gybing practice and the like...

Diary for Haylingmike at Lepe & Calshot on 16/06/07

Mike at Lady D's fountain
Rating:2 star rating
Board:125 litres

Conditions were constantly changing as the fronts moved through. I rigged my 5.7 and 7.4 and had both boards on the beach and kept mixing and matching to suit the conditions - but rarely got it right! Did succeed however in popping over to the Isle of Wight which was good fun - although a little taxing!

Diary for garibaldi at Lepe & Calshot on 16/06/07

Garibaldi & Andrew @ Hillhead (Pic taken by Peter)
Rating:3 star rating
Board:103 litres

As I hadn't been out on the water (rarely even to the beach) since September it was good to get out for an hour or so on Saturday evening. I took the easy (wuss's) option of mainly staying in my depth due to lack of fitness/bottle but it was great to get some blasting practice & even 1 or 2 gybes in.

We arrived even later than 'Late Tate', but was worth it.

Sunday was spent relaxing on the beach.

Thanks, Clare for hosting this very quiet, select event.

Diary for Wylliewoolf at Lepe & Calshot on 16/06/07

Tobago gybe
Just another gybe in the crowded Tobago waters
Rating:2 star rating
Board:116 litres

having just returned from windsurfing in Turkey,Sarah went out on the 5m and found conditions a little lumpy. So when she returned I launched on the trust biggest board and 6.5 for some nice blasting around. the water had completeluy flattened off by then so gybing practice was generally in order. That said there was a few ramps drifting by which you could get some nice air from.

The water is definitly warm enough for a summer suit now, as i sailed with a very large tear in the front of my wet suit with no ill effects.