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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Chairperson Report AGM 2016

Date Date: 06/02/16
Chairperson Report 2016 AGM

As windsurfers, we are very conscious of the weather, and 2015 offered some interesting challenges. My memory fails me at this point, but I seem to recall some early good weather, and wind, followed by long periods of no wind at all, and biblical quantities of monsoon-like rain! Interesting times indeed.

Personally, I've been challenged to get to the beach this year, it's been very busy, what with retiring, the LEJOG ride and various grandkids to be visited or looked after, so it?s been mostly Hayling for me. The club made it to Bramblebush a few times, probably the most popular venue - in fact, to such an extent that whilst discussing the 2016 event timetable with Andrew, we agreed that, at a push, fixing the Bank Holidays, and sorting out the best weekends to convene there would probably be enough! Calshot is still a draw - it seems that nice (relatively) kid-safe locations, where the children can be entertained, or more likely, entertain themselves, are the most likely to be supported.

The club itself - well, moribund would be almost too weak to describe its current state. The response to this year's AGM call was frankly non-existent, even with the temptation of a reasonably priced evening's food and drink. Maybe it's the weather... But more realistically, the club membership's priorities have changed, with more people moving away, more people being caught up in raising their families and with less time at the weekends to get away for some beach-based recreation. We'll try to set up events that make it easier to make that choice!

Do we stop what we're doing? At the moment, running the club is pretty stress-free for me and Andrew, although Nick (Treasurer) has a slightly harder time occasionally when the accounts need doing or something has to happen with the bank account. The website is running itself, occasionally Andrew or I update something, people do start threads on items of interest, and it's as good a way as any to keep in touch and plot/plan extra-curricular excursions or even just make sure someone else might be going to the beach! So, my conclusion is we can keep doing it until the money runs out, at which point it'll necessarily stop. Apologies if that seems like a repeat of last year's conclusion, but nothing has changed, apart from increased morbidity, so that shouldn't be a surprise.

Finally, we've said goodbye to some long-standing club members in 2015, in better and worse circumstances. Steve and Leuda finally left for Brazil, and in fact Bill and Heather are visiting there now, hence their non-show. More sadly, Pete Darcy succumbed to a long-standing illness, and left the water for the last time in November, while Chris Martin's partner, Trish, also passed away in the same month. I'm sure our thoughts are with their families, and we hope to see Chris, Gabi and Milli at the beach at some point.

So, here's to a new windsurfing year - it's kicked off with some serious wind, so get out there and enjoy it, who knows what the rest of 2016 will bring!

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Added by steve d on 06/02/16

Thanks John & Andrew for the work you put in to keep things going. Although I haven't been able to get to any events this year I still like hearing what people are up to. Well done again - I hope there was enough of you at the AGM to get a serious round in !! Best regards, Steve D

Added by Shef on 23/02/16

I'll echo Steve D's sentiments and promise to do better this year at turning up at the beach :)

Many thanks to you guys for keeping the club going.