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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

2016 AGM Minutes

Date Date: 06/02/16

John Gouk (Chair)
Nick Bending (Treasurer)
Andrew Connick (Webmaster)
Yannis Marcou
Audrey Nelson
Sally Elder

AGM Agenda:
1. Recap of 2015 AGM
2. Annual Report from each committee member
3. Annual subscription rates for 2016
4. Committee Posts
5.Discussion with members / AOB

1. Recap of 2015 AGM
Minutes agreed

2.Annual Report from each committee member

The Chairman's report is available on the website.

The Treasurer went through 2014 and 2015 accounts. The 2015 accounts, trended over the last 4 years, show that the funds would run out in 6 years, largely because of the annual insurance costs. Resolved for the treasurer to investigate insuring a much smaller community, 30 max, to see if it's worth introducing an "active member" category with a small fee (5-20) to "sort the sheep from the goats". The insurance renews in January, so we need to sort this before the next AGM, potentially with an EGM as part of the Summerbash.

The Webmaster reported site usage stats about the same as last year. Web hosting costs were further reduced due to lower traffic, so Google Ads almost cover the running costs. The website is dated, and doesn't work well on mobile, but the webmaster has no time to update it. It seems unlikely that a refreshed site would generate more actual people on the beach, rather than just web traffic. The consensus is to leave it as it is for another year, or until we can get some resource to update it.

3.Annual subscription rates for 2016

For 2016, these are set to 0, but are under review for 2017, with a potential EGM in the summer to set the new rate.

4.Committee Posts

All committee members are happy to remain in post for another year.

5. Discussion with members / AOB

Move AGM to Summerbash, on the basis that it's better attended and thus more likely that members will be motivated to attend. This could follow on from a potential EGM to address revised subscription rates.

Treasurer to thin out the historical accounts records - it's a very large box.

For the Summerbash, look at what we need to do to enable rock climbing, as there is interest amongst the junior members.

The usual discussion about membership, beach attendance and potential approaches to increasing it, the ongoing shrinkage of interest and activity etc. was had, with the resulting proposed actions. It would be useful to have more input from the nominal membership.

1.Treasurer to investigate reduced insurance for smaller active membership
2.Chair to review need for EGM, depending on outcome of Action 1
3.Events sec to check requirements for Calshot rock climbing for Summerbash
4.Webmaster to review complexity and effort for modernising website

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