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Hoping for Sewage Free Seas

Started by Started by: garibaldi
Web linkWeb:http://www.sas.org.uk/news/campaigns/sign-up-to-sewage-free-seas-now/
I think this is a worthy cause & I'm sure most of you will agree.
Having experienced a couple of disgusting outfall discharges @ Gwithian, it can't happen too soon.
So, let's all sign the petition.
cheers, Garibaldi

Last updated: 31/03/16 19:31 By: garibaldi
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Added by BeachAddict on 31/03/16

Couldn't agree more. I've been ill too many times from this as have many friends. The last one was severe enough that if there's any hint of a problem I would rather pass up a good day now than risk it. Of course that's not always possible as sometimes you only find out when its too late. I too recommend signing up.......

Added by rogerta on 01/04/16

Thanks for raising awareness of this - duly signed

Added by Clare D on 02/04/16

Thanks for sending, I agree and have signed

Added by rogerta on 10/05/16

A final call to arms for a sewage free sea:

Can you please help us with a quick and urgent request? We need you to find a plus 1 to also support the Sewage Free Seas campaign! You have until 23:59 on 11th May to persuade another friend or family member to also sign up for Sewage Free Seas!
Sewage Free Seas Please!
This truly is the best opportunity in a generation to tackle the impacts from the extensive network of thousands of sewer overflows that pollute our coast! Grasp it with both hands! We are still short of our 10,000 target so every supporter counts!
We will present all the Sewage Free Seas signatures, including yours to the Environment Agency at a special Sewage Free Seas All Party Parliamentary Group Meeting on the 23rd May. Sewage Free Seas partners will attend with water quality and human health scientists, the shellfish and watersports industry and a young surfer who fell ill last summer.