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Events this summer

Started by Started by: Yannis
I have just planned each and every one of our weekends until September and, unforeseen events aside, we will be coming to the following events:

June 11/12 Bramblebush
July 16/17 Calshot
August 20/21 Bramblebush
August 27/28/29 Weymouth

Hope to be seeing everyone at some point this summer


Last updated: 04/05/16 17:30 By: Yannis
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Added by DavidC on 04/05/16

I hope to get to some of these. Our van was stolen last year so no windsurfing. I have bought a trailer for this year. Buy lots of security for your van it was very sad when ours went.

Added by Yannis on 07/05/16

Oh no! Really sorry to hear that. Now I am a van owner I feel your pain! I have bought a wheel and steering wheel lock but if they want to steal it, I am sure these won'r stop them.