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August Bank Hol 27-29 August North Devon

Westward Ho
Date Date: 27/08/16
Venue Venue: North Devon
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
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The glorious weather stopped any thoughts of windsurfing, but there was surf all weekend and a very large beach. Mark was out on his sup, Paul on his kayak and myself on a surfboard. When the tide receeded the speedsails came out along with Chris m.........

Also on the beach was a chap out for the second time only on his speedsail who got plenty of tips from us and has the same passion for the place as we do , he also surfs and windsurfs so he fitted in well with our group and we shall meet again.

Evenings were very sociable around the fire on the campsite.

A very enjoyable weekend that goes all to quickly.

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