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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

AGM 2017 - report and resolutions

Date Date: 20/02/17
John Gouk (Chair)
Nick Bending (Treasurer)
Andrew Connick (Webmaster)
Audrey Nelson
Nuala Porter
Lawrence Dunn
Bill Tonge
Heather Mulgrew-Tonge

AGM Agenda:
1. Recap of 2016 AGM
2. Annual Report from each committee member
3. Annual subscription rates for 2016
4. Committee Posts
5.Discussion with members / AOB

1. Recap of 2016 AGM
Minutes agreed

2. Annual Report from each committee member

The Chairman's report will be available on the website.

The Treasurer went through 2016 accounts. The 2016 accounts, trended over the last 4 years, show that the funds would run out in approximately 5 years, largely because of the annual insurance costs. The treasurer has investigated reducing insurance costs, and it transpires that they are unlikely to be reduced further, largely because of a) the risk 8) the potential payout, neither of which are dependent on club size or event size.

The Webmaster reported site usage stats about the same as last year. There is no intention to refresh the website at this point.

3. Annual subscription rates for 2017

For 2017, rates are under review. The adjourned AGM will be reconvened at the Summerbash to review the rates and the club?s future.

4. Committee Posts

All committee members are happy to remain in post for another year.

5. Discussion with members / AOB

The primary concern was of the club?s longevity - there are at best 5 years of insurance in the funds. Courses of action include (but are not limited to - ideas welcome!):
- Winding the club up before the funds run out, and distributing them e.g. to charities
- Running the funds to zero against the insurance costs, and then winding the club up
- Charging a realistic subscription fee that covers the insurance and website costs, thereby guaranteeing the club?s future

It was resolved that in order to ensure a maximum of members were able to vote, and a quorum was achieved, the AGM would be adjourned until the Summerbash. At that point, a course of action will be selected.

A review of the current constitution shows that a minimum of 10 members present at the A/EGM is required for changing the constitution, or winding the club up. A resolution will be tabled to change the constitution for a quorum of 5 members, to simplify the management in future years.

The resolutions are required to be published at least 28 days before the A/EGM, to allow members time to reflect on them and decide how they want to vote.

The AGM was adjourned until the Summerbash.

1.Chair to table proposed resolutions, and announce AGM continuation at Summerbash

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