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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Club AGM - Resolutions for consideration and vote

Date Date: 20/02/17
As decided at the (adjourned) AGM on 4th February, the following resolutions are proposed, for consideration and voting at the continued AGM on (provisionally) 15 July 2017:

Resolution 1 - Increase of Membership Fee

In order for the club to organise events as a corporate entity, especially the popular Summerbash usually held at Calshot, it must have indemnity insurance. This costs at least 450 annually, and there is little scope for reducing this, it being based on risk vs. potential payout rather than attendance or membership.

The club as currently funded i.e. from the funds remaining from the days of paid subscription, will only be able to continue to organise such events for another five years at most. It is therefore proposed that in order to safeguard the continuation of its activities, the club raises the membership fee from its current 0 to a more suitable figure. The actual fee will depend on the number of current members who wish to remain members in a paid subscription model. For example, expenses are about 600/year, and, if there are 30 such members, then the fee will be 20/year.

Resolution 2 - Change of Quorum Numbers for AGM/EGM

The club constitution currently requires a minimum of 10 members at AGM/EGMs. Given the attendance at the AGM for the past five or so years, it is proposed to change the constitution to allow for a minimum attendance of five (5) members at AGM/EGMs. This will allow management of the club on a constitutional basis, rather than the ad hoc approach adopted recently.

Please make any comments, corrections etc. as Comments under this article.

See you on the beach! Isn't that the point of all this??

Last updated: 20/02/17 14:15 By: johng
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Added by Yannis on 01/03/17

I am ok with the fee

Added by Gabi-PeteD on 11/06/17

Hi all! I am very glad to contribute any necessary fees for membership etc.
Some of you are well aware that I have spent most of my OMWC years ( Chris M would know how many) socialising, beach combing, mooching, antiquing ( sorry had to bring it up, Yanni). I have taken up paddle boarding this year, so if that qualifies me as a contributing member...I shall be very pleased. Gabi

Added by Robert W-S on 01/06/18

I'll pay 20 where's the dotted line. Actually I was only checking in, what with all the GDPR to make sure we all stayed in touch.
Robert (Bad back I'm not sure I can ouch!) W-S