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Westward Ho

North Devon August Bank Hol 26-28 Aug 2017

Life is good
Sunset surf and bbq beers

North Devon

North Devon usually means you will come back with slightly slimmer thighs - the walk to the water at lowtide can be a killer - but as the Loreal ad says - you're worth it!!

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Host Host: Nigel
Date Date: 26/08/17
Venue Venue: North Devon
The last visit to North Devon for 2017 - will the Mini Convention be there? Will the kitesurfers has finally taken over? How big will the pool in the middle of the parking area be? Whatever, no doubt the Doom Bar, or if you prefer, Tribute, ale at the Beaver Inn will be well-kept and hopefully drunk to the accompaniment of a fair songstress or flickeringly fingered guitarist.

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