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Windsurfing in NW France

Started by Started by: Yannis
A while back I asked for advice on windsurfing in Cornwall and someone suggested Daymer Bay. Since then Daymer has become one of the Marcou clan's favourite destinations.

Now I need similar advice for NW France.

We are looking for a place where both the kids and I can windsurf, that has a windsurfing school for the kids and a campsite nearby to park the van in the evening.

Anyone got any advice based on personal experience?

Thanks in advance!


Last updated: 08/03/17 17:11 By: Yannis
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Added by Yannis on 08/03/17

I mean recent advice... Roger, David and Jackie were kind enough to answer a similar question 4 years ago but looking for anyone who might have something more recent. to share

Added by DavidC on 09/03/17

I would recommend Lesconil in Finistère, we went twice. Easy sailing on the south coast waves/surfing on the north coast. Sailing school:


Lots of great campsite and camping car aires. The Yello site in Lesconil has great pools. It is a long way form Dover approx 550 mile but only 2 hours from St Malo.

Added by Bill_W on 09/03/17

Hi Yannis, about 10 years ago we stayed at Camping Le Letty, Bénodet, France. This is where we had our first taste of windsurfing.

Next to our campsite was a french summer school for watersports. It looked like a residential centre and they had lots of nice equipment. Here's a link I just found. They offer several sports incl SUP, Kite surf, windsurf, sailing.

Each day, from our campsite we could see a string of "teardrop" windsurf boards with learners get towed out of the harbour to practice in the bay. It looked so interesting that we tried to sign-up for a class. Sadly all the classes were fully booked, but they kindly got one of the instructors to rustle up some gear from the back of the store and get us out on the water for a taster experience.

The tidal flows are pretty wicked in this area. Especially the channel next to Le Letty campsite.

Hope you find something that suits your needs.
Rgds Bill

Added by Bill_W on 09/03/17

DavidC makes a good point about choosing your ferry port. I think we did LeHavre or Dieppe. I remember it taking for ever on the motorway to get across Brittany. On the plus side, there are no / few tolls on the Brittany motorways.

The last couple of trips we just head south for Bordeaux [around 8hrs], then turn right to find miles and miles of clean smooth beach. Exciting rollers on the Atlantic, calm lakes inland. Fill the car with wine and head home.

Added by DavidC on 10/03/17

I would probably avoid the north cost of Brittany. The tidal range can be enormous and can go out literally miles. There is less/no surfing and it's colder. The south cost of Finistere seems to be more shelter and have nice micro climate.

Added by Yannis on 11/03/17

Thanks everyone!!! Much appreciated!