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Conditions for Hayling Island

Started by Started by: TimHarvey
Hi all, i'm still quite new to the area and don't know the weather patterns yet. Hoping to get a session in at Hayling island tomorrow, what conditions work at this location? Windguru predicts 18-28knts ENE - does that work?

Last updated: 24/03/17 08:28 By: TimHarvey
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Added by jonathan on 24/03/17

Hi Tim, unfortunately ENE won't work very well at Hayling. ENE not a great direction for most of the south coast. You could try Pagham or else Sandbanks at Poole. Also you have a 9am high tide so probably wouldn't want to be on the water much before 11-12am at Hayling regardless of direction.

Added by mikep on 24/03/17

Sailing from HISC at Hayling works in all wind directions. A NE will be x-on, where as SW is x-off. Flat water in Chichester Harbour. However you need to be a member. I will be there all weekend. Ring up, and ask about becoming a member & visiting as a guest...


Added by jonathan on 24/03/17

Good point Mike, yes as I am not a member of HISC my comments were only around Beachlands by the Inn on the Beach rather than the East end of the Island. You can also sail off 'Esso' beach at high tide but as that is on the NW side of the Island it will be gusty in a NE and the tides won't be good this weekend.

Added by mikep on 24/03/17

Yes not many folks know about HISC. I have been going to Hayling for windsurfing for ~15yrs, and only discovered HISC last summer! Fab place for family / kids & also the anti-south-coast wind directions :)

Added by TimHarvey on 24/03/17

Thanks Jonathan, So the high tide makes it too choppy? What conditions should I look for at Hayling? Where do people windsurf at Pagham, straight off the beach at the Yacht club? Thanks for your help!

Added by jonathan on 24/03/17

high tide makes it a difficult launch (although sometimes you can be lucky). You should only consider launching at high tide if you are very confident! Off Beachlands, you want SE through to SW but other options elsewhere on the Island, a quick google will bring up lots of info.

Not sure what the latest is at Pagham I used to launch from the nature reserve but understood the car park had been closed, it may well be reopened now. But otherwise, yes, by the yacht club

Added by TimHarvey on 24/03/17

Thanks all, Mike HISC sounds like an good option, i'll give them a call.