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Gyro copter

Hayling Island 7-8 Oct 2017

Steve D at Hayling

Hayling Island

There are three windsurfing venues on Hayling but only the seafront is a serious contender as a venue worth visiting regularly. The other venues are only suitable in emergency situations, when it is impossible to windsurf on the sea front and, believe me, these situations arise! OMWC events often coincide with the Hayling Windsurf Car Boot Fair, on the first Sunday of the month, now held in the large car park behind the big dipper in the funfair with the Carousel cafe adjacent serving excellent breakfasts (thanks Stan!).

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Host Host: Heather
Date Date: 07/10/17
Venue Venue: Hayling Island
Event report Event report Event report for Hayling Island 7-8 Oct 2017
Let's squeeze in one last official event before the clocks change - Hayling, hopefully in the autumn winds, when the water's still warm and we're still buzzing from a summer of sailing... We'll be on the island whatever the weather so why not come for a social regardless of the forecast!?

Last updated: 26/09/17 13:11 By: Heather
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Added by Heather on 06/10/17

The weekend awaits. Plan on eating at the Inn on the Beach Saturday night. Let me know if you're coming as I will need to book a table. Plan on booking for 7.30 or 8pm if there's availability. Need to know by lunch time to make the booking.

Added by johng on 06/10/17

I'll be there!! Even looks kinda windy... Say goodbye to the year :)

Added by Heather on 07/10/17

Went out early this morning - good fun. 92L and 5m sail!!Now at home - anyone that's around please feel free to pop on for tea /coffee or other refreshment!!!!

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