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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Started by Started by: Shef
Anyone been to Tiree before? Looking for any helpful information or recomendations regarding accommodation, windsurfing, beaches etc. Shef family are thinking of going there next Summer. Cheers.

Last updated: 06/09/17 13:08 By: Shef
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Added by rogerta on 06/09/17

Here is some unhelpful advice
1. Take a camera - check this out www.facebook.com/search/top/
2. Loads of cottages you can rent - check here www.isleoftiree.com/accommodation/properties/searc
3. The White House (Mike P found this one) is a great place to stay but there are loads of places - avoid the week of the Tiree Wave Classic if you truly want the Tiree experience ie. a whole beach to yourself.
4. Visit every beach - they are stunning. There is also a loch for the kids. You have beaches facing every direction so you need to match the wind/swell direction with the beaches to make sure you get the right conditions for you.
5. Marvel at the crystal clear water and the big skies.
6. Decent co-op on the island will cover all your shopping needs.
7. Get in touch with Willie Angus at Wild Diamond if you want lessons - kite or windsurfing or just advice - probably a good idea just to touch base with him to find out if any of the farmers are going to be a bit aggy over any beach access.
8. All beaches are easily accessible apart the Maze - you have to access from the south or north (the farmer cut off the original access through the maze of sand dunes - hence the name) - south is marginally easier than north unless you sail around the rocky point at the north of the Maze.
9. Take your body boards/surfboards
10. Have a good time!

Added by Shef on 07/09/17

Cheers Roger. Looking to go maybe July/August of next year. Great pics on that Facebook link.

Added by emma on 07/09/17

I have been a few times if you have any questions that Roger hasn't covered!

I believe O2 is the only network that gets any coverage, at least when i last went only one company worked.

Added by Shef on 07/09/17

Thanks Emma, good to know. We'll have an 11 and 14 year old to get on the water as well. Thinking of using Wild Diamond for some lessons for them, might even consider some for Sheena and myself if they come recommended.

Added by emma on 07/09/17

I can't really comment on the lessons to be honest, but they have been going for a long time and they sponsor the uk wavesailing event there so i'd imagine they're great.

Added by rogerta on 07/09/17

Never had lessons but he's a good bloke