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North Devon 26-27 May 2018

Life is good
Sunset surf and bbq beers

North Devon

North Devon usually means you will come back with slightly slimmer thighs - the walk to the water at lowtide can be a killer - but as the Loreal ad says - you're worth it!!

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Date Date: 26/05/18
Venue Venue: North Devon
The early visit to Devon for 2018. This is a great spot if you've not been and if you have, you'll know what to expect!

Last updated: 14/04/18 16:00 By: johng
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Added by Nigel on 06/05/18

Myself & the usual suspects will be meeting up at Westward Ho! beach with all our toys.

Added by Nigel on 24/05/18

I don't like doing this but the combination of easterly winds & the amount of rain forecast for North Devon this coming weekend the boys & I have decided to postpone this trip, hopefully we will do a chase the wind event here soon.

Forecast for next 3 days: