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Weymouth 26-27 May 2018

Chris D at weymouth


We sail at two spots here. We usually windsurf in Portland Harbour but occasionally we go to Overcombe.

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Date Date: 26/05/18
Venue Venue: Weymouth
Another chance to visit Weymouth...

Last updated: 14/04/18 16:01 By: johng
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Added by nuporter on 30/04/18

Hi we will be there - Xavier is sailing all weekend. Will be splitting time between sailing centre and boat yard. Nuala x

Added by CarolI on 23/05/18

Hi Nuala, we are coming down for the weekend and would love to windsurf with you. Aiming to go to boatyard - am I right that this would be a better place to launch from? Saturday is currently looking windy so we will be there early! Anyone else heading to the boatyard? Carol

Added by nuporter on 25/05/18

Yes, the boatyard is the best place to launch from. We will prob launch from the sailing centre but will come down and join you. Nuala x

Added by Shef on 25/05/18

Shefford's will be staying at East Fleet for the whole week. Sailing from the boatyard, thunderstorms permitting!

Added by markc on 27/05/18

Went down but wind dropped before I got onto the water. No club presence that I could detect.

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