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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Summerbash 14 July 2018

Gary at Lepe

Lepe & Calshot

We like it here! This is another one of those venues where Jo Public windsurfer rarely ventures and we usually have the entire place to ourselves (plus a few day trippers but it is rarely crowded). If there is wind in The Solent, it is usually one Beaufort stronger here because of the prominent position, being the closest point to The Isle of Wight.

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Date Date: 14/07/18
Venue Venue: Lepe & Calshot
Event report Event report Event report for Summerbash 14 July 2018
This is the official, confirmed Summerbash date, on the usual mid-July weekend. We are on for a convivial weekend of the usual larking about with water activities, barbecues and hopefully a long sunny evening or two.

I suspect rates have gone up slightly, but the good news is that they are no longer charging a launching fee! Not sure why they ever did, given it was so low, but hey, maybe it fuelled the rescue SUP or something.

I have to provide numbers 7 days in advance, so book up before 6th July!!, using the OMWC donate page. As usual include what you're paying for in the message, and please also include your vehicle registrations, because they have a new ANPR system, and you will be charged additionally for parking if you are not registered as a paid-up visitor!

Here's the booking and costs info:

Camping: Small tent (3 person or less) 9.00 per person per night includes one car only
Large tent or Camper/Caravan (4 person +): 21.00 per night this is for 2 people +1 Car, own U18s FOC - applies to camping and vans
Launch: Now FOC - they no longer charge launching for W/Surf, Kayak, SUP etc.

Parking fees to be paid at machines per day if not camping.

So put it in your diaries!

Last updated: 25/06/18 13:36 By: johng
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Added by johng on 27/04/18

I have just updated the Summerbash event page with details of payment and so on. There's a change this year, we have to provide a register of paid-for vehicles because they have a new ANPR system, so don't forget to include your car/van registration in the donation message.

Cheers, John

Added by johng on 25/06/18

OK! I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the coming Bramblebush visit...

However, we have to give all monies and notice to Calshot for the Summerbash, so PLEASE check out the linked event page, and REGISTER and PAY using the OMWC Donate page.

- Pay the required amount using PayPal
- Add details of your payment (people count etc.) AND YOUR VEHICLE REGISTRATION, because Calshot are asking for this.

You have until Friday, 6 July, as we have to give 7 days notice. So do it now!

Added by johng on 28/06/18

And here's your reminder to book up for the Summerbash! I don't want you going all trembly-lipped and doe-eyed when it's too late... so

BOOK NOW! You've only got until 6 July...

Added by johng on 02/07/18

OK, OMWC people, just 5 days to book for the Summerbash! Deadline is Friday, 6 July 2018. (thought I'd better add the year...). Go to the donations page, say what you're paying for and add your vehicle registration, and you're done.

Forecast - none yet really, but I suspect it's not going to be honking. However, sunny and relaxed is on the cards.

Added by BeachAddict on 04/07/18

Thanks for the reminder John, we are paid up, Friday and Saturday nights.

In case anyone is interested - Myself and Kev are doing the velodrome taster session on Saturday morning 9.00 - 10.30. Apparently, they provide all the kit, fixed wheel bike, clip in shoes etc and fortunately they also show you how to use it all before letting you loose on the banked track. There are currently 4 places left and you need to be 14 or over to take part.

Added by johng on 04/07/18

It's Wednesday, which is two days before Friday, 6th July when all those planning to attend the Summerbash will have to have REGISTERED for the event!

So DO IT NOW! It's even starting to look like there might be wind... And there's always the velodrome taster on the Saturday morning to get you going, not to mention all the other things that Calshot has to do!

Added by Yannis on 04/07/18

Paid. Kids and I are coming.

Added by Kev_F on 07/07/18

Just paid, all 4 of us coming. Forgot to add reg to booking WA60 ASU. Kev

Forecast for next 3 days: