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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

OMWC - time to let it go?

Date Date: 29/01/19
It's been pretty apparent that the club doesn't really function as a club any more, and hasn't for a long time. People aren't attending events very much, if at all (and I, club chairthing, am as guilty as any!), and there are precious few posts to the forum and diaries section these days. Admittedly, it's winter, but apart from stalwarts like Jon and Beach Addict, we don't record a lot of action.

In the meantime, we've been paying for liability insurance every year, on the off chance that we'd be sued for some event-related incident. The latest bill is 450 - that's a lot to pay for something that isn't going to happen. And yes, it's about as low as we can get it, our club circumstances are extremely unusual and reducing numbers, risks etc. makes no difference to the premium.

So I propose that
- we don't pay for insurance this year
- we don't have "events" as a club, but we may of course arrange to meet individually at appropriate times for sailing etc.
- the remaining funds are either donated to a suitable charity, spent on a gigantic party (no problem with attendance for that!) or all the above...

As we have to pay the premium immediately, this plan is already taking effect. If someone has a massive objection to this course of action, please respond forthwith, together with an effective alternative proposal. No unicorns, please :).

See you on the beach!!
Cheers, John (Chairman)

Last updated: 30/01/19 10:15 By: johng
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Added by mikep on 30/01/19

Well I guess this is inevitable and what you are proposing seems sound. It has been a good run. How much are in the club coffers? How about some ideas for charities posted here, and perhaps an online poll to select at least one (i.e. Doodle). I'll kick off - the RNLI and The Andrew Simpson Foundation (https://andrewsimpsonfoundation.org/about).

Added by jonathan on 05/02/19

Yes I agree. Also, if the club has no funds then if an "incident" were to occur then really there is nothing to take action against. If anything, having insurance makes the club a potential target for litigation.
Clearly if the Chairperson were to do something really silly then he could be sued personally - but that would never happen would it ;)

Added by rogerta on 06/02/19

Donate it all to charity - Prostate Cancer UK and RNLI

Added by Shef on 08/02/19

Can't see anything to disagree with the other comments so far.
A shame, OMWC has given me many happy memories and good friends to share them with.
The RNLI is always going to be a winner for windsurfers donating funds. Andrew Simpson also gets the thumbs up from me, as does the John Merricks Sailing Trust (http://www.jmst.org.uk/da/13731) who do a similar job as Andrew Simpson.
Many thanks to John and Andrew for keeping the club going for as long as possible.

Added by markc on 18/02/19

A shame to see the club go but certainly lacks support now. RNLI is the obvious choice for a donation.

Added by alison on 11/03/19

This all makes sense, and we would still like to do some meet ups this summer with our windsurfing friends so we can have some more fun group windsurfing, BBQs and camping if possible. And we would definitely love to camp at Calshot again this year, but as a group of friends rather than as a "club"! I am happy to organise it if others would like to join us??? I'd like to go on the Velodrome this year!

Added by johng on 19/03/19

An email from Diane on the subject:

Dear OMWC,

I understand that time has moved on, there is less interest in the club and work and cost needs to be reduced.

I was one of the first members of the club. I was putting flyers under the windscreen wipers of all the cars around Poole Harbour, many years ago, before I actually joined. I remember when the club was formed, as a breakaway from the IVC with Paul Mac, Simon G, Steve H, two Nigels and others. My Mum (now 95 years old) sewed some of the black and white flags. Right now, time is short for me as I have to care for my mother daily, as well as continuing with my full time work. (On the other hand, my son is a keen windsurfer, living in Southampton...)

I have a couple of questions. Is this website going to disappear? If so, would it be possible to maintain a page somewhere like Facebook so that people can communicate if they want to? This has worked well for a group I traveled with in 1980/81. That Facebook group is only used for chat and pictures but people can at least reach each other if they want to. It is very popular many years after the fun times. What do you think?

In any case, thank you to the Committee and historic Committee members for everything you have done and I am sorry that I have been so busy with family in the intervening years. (Children are now 21 and 19.)

All the best,
Diane Dupree (aka Higgs, Kemp)

Added by johng on 19/03/19

In respect of Diane's question about a continuing OMWC contact point, right now the web site is still running (obviously!). Andrew and I have concocted a mod which will allow people to download their diary entries, since everything else e.g. photos should be in members' possession already - he just has to update the site to add the Download button! Were we to decommission it then the entire database would be backed up and could be made accessible by other means.

People have suggested a Facebook group for OMWC, and I can see that could work. Personally, I am extremely loath to give Facebook any business at all, so an alternative would be preferred. I'll look into maintaining this website (which is pretty cheap, thanks to Andrew), or maybe another less privacy invasive and better managed facility than Facebook.