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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Lepe 29/30 September

Carl at Lepe
Carl finding the ripples at Lepe.
Host Host: Andrew
Date Date: 29/09/07
Venue Venue: Lepe & Calshot
Forthcoming event Forthcoming event See the build up
Rating OMWC Rating: 3 star rating
Well Saturdays forecast was spot on, with absolutely no wind, such a shame to see all that demo kit sitting there on the beach. Still, a few of us had a pleasant afternoon on the beach.

Saturday evening was spent at the Forest Home. Definitely an OMWC favourite pub, excellent food and good beer. Six of us had a very pleasant evening.

Sunday started dead still, but around mid-morning the predicted easterly wind began to blow, so a few of us took advantage of the demo kit on the beach. I always suspected that the Tabou Rockets were good in light winds, but I was amazed at quite how easily I was up and planing in next to no wind (Tabou Rocket 145 and Gastra GTX 7.5). Then the wind picked up a bit more and I tried the 125 Rocket, even more impressed. We all packed up by around mid-afternoon, the wind was still blowing, but the tide was running with the wind at a very rapid rate, shame.

A big thanks to Bob, Ian (aka Krafty) and the rest of the 4Boards team for providing the demo kit and all the helpful advice.


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Diary for Andrew at Lepe & Calshot on 30/09/07

Andrew pondering life.
Andrew pondering life, from the top of Las Dunas, in Tarifa.
Rating:4 star rating
Board:125 litres

I used the 4Boards demo kit. Very impressed with the Tabou Rocket 145, very very impressed with the 125 version. Not so sure about the Gastra GTX, but in fairness, it was getting a bit too big by the end of the session.

Diary for Haylingmike at Lepe & Calshot on 30/09/07

Mike at Lady D's fountain
Rating:2 star rating
Board:125 litres

Took out some of Bobs demo gear Sunday morning. Unfortunately couldn't get planing (although Andrew was - light weight ba****d) When the tide turned it was running with the wind (Easterly) making water starting nigh on impossible and so gave itb up as a bad job!