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Ortakent 2007

Pictures Pictures: Pictures for Ortakent 2007 (3)
Well the bare facts are these (writes Duncan Sinclair):

I was there for a week shy of 6 months (25 weeks or 175 days).

I sailed (planing or planning depending on your viewpoint!) on 121.

My average sail size for the season was 6.3.

My most used sail was a 6.0 storn used a third of the time.

The most used board was a Mistral Joker 115.

Great season overall. Only downside was you had to blob out a bit to get to the wind (ask Nick or Carol!). Would I go back? To work probably, for a holiday probably not. I'd want a venue where you can sail right off the beach!

PS Reason for the wakeboarding pic is I don't have any windsurfing pics from the season - just a lot of video!

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