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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

in Motion - The Non-existent Edition!

Started by Started by: johng
OK... my previous impassioned plea for articles resulted in one from the ever-reliable Jonathan L, and I've still yet to type up Nigel's usual handwritten submission. Otherwise diddley squat. That's not very impressive. So, before I buttonhole every club member personally for an article, how about somebody offering some? Examples include, but are not limited to...
- Somebody's been on hols - tell us about it
- Tried any courses out? Any good tuition?
- Got a new van/car/bicycle/4X4 and ready to wax lyrical on the special magic it brings to your beachside sessions?

See how easy it is to come up with topics!! Call me or email me via the web site if you fancy a go.
Or nobody moves, and the magazine gets it...

Last updated: 29/10/07 22:06 By: johng
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Added by jonathan on 30/10/07

At the risk of sounding like the 'editor's pet' (no, that is not something rude), I have another cunning plan for the magazine...
'OMWC Top Tips'
It's easy - all I need is a selection of upto 5 'top tips' from anyone willing to contribute. Subjects for tips can range from rigging up to completing clew-first-switch-stance-thingymujigs. Ideally will also range from the helpful to the hilarious.. (Let me know whether you want yours to be annoymous or not!).
I'll then take the best and make an article out of them.
Can I have contributions by 5 November (a date you should remember!)?

PS haven't included my email address here, in a an attempt to avoid spammers. I am sure anyone contributing will have access to my email address!

Added by Robert W-S on 02/11/07

Ideas for a news letter or otherwise.

1 Andrew / Mike to check who is Ocean Motion - Sorry for being cryptic, but you know and the web site mention spammers?

2 Security. Great website but what is this about spammers? I did wonder why the change in procedures and dislike being shoved to a chatroom, moan over.

3 KIT - MAST TEST- There was a Boards article a couple of months back about masts not being all the same. Well we must have more than a good selection between us and what with all M Pring's excellent rope we have the means to do a bend test. Who fancies getting scientific. I have more masts than I can err shake a boom at but all different lengths.....Arrows Gun Fiberspar Amex How about measuring some 460s and some 430s to check the hype.
As I might be buying I would like to test Tushy YES AMEX Gun, but lets see