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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

chase the wind 18 Nov- Inn on the Beach

Started by Started by: adrian
7.30am and wind and weather looking good.
Heading down to Hayling. Hope to see many cold faces.

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Last updated: 18/11/07 09:08 By: adrian
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Added by jonathan on 15/11/07

... a touch chilly though! We've got visitors staying Saturday night but if I am on best behaviour I might be allowed to play on Sunday!

Added by Carl on 15/11/07

I'll be at Avon Beach. The forecasts keep changing but it sounds like Sunday is going to be a good one. Also, there's possibly some lighter wind arriving on Saturday afternoon, so I'll give that a go too if it turns up.

Added by johng on 15/11/07

Yeah Theyr.tv has it at 5 degrees at 1am Sunday - let's hope it gets a bit warmer than that!
*** Looking at the current forecast (Sat), where do I prefer? Hmm. Probably Dahab!! Tide is good at Hayling and Avon, about 10.30. Blimey! Too much choice... Is Juan gonna come? ***

Last updated: 17/11/07 10:42 By: johng

Added by castorway on 15/11/07

Desperate for a fix, XC shows lots of wind but the best is through the night but time to change yet. will go anywhere but I guess Hayling might be prefered


Added by Haylingmike on 16/11/07

Sunday is looking good for Hayling - low tide neaps about 10.30. I'll be keeping an eye on the forecast but you can expect to see me at Inn on the Beach around midday Sunday

Added by rogerta on 16/11/07

Sunday - Avon gets my vote - wind chill dependent!

Added by adrian on 17/11/07

Hayling for me..
as the wind appears to be dropping and could be cold tomorrow. I will probrably head for Inn on the beach.
Will make last minute desicion sunday morning


Added by Robert W-S on 17/11/07

Hayling for me. Car packed. Just looking for the waterproofs!

Robert W-S

Added by andy.ruby on 17/11/07

Solent forecast looking good on Windguru, Theyr, Metcheck and XCWeather for Sunday. 20- 30knots depending on what forecast you look at and 7 - 10 degrees. Its currently 8 C on XCWeather at 22:30 so hoping for nearer to 10 C by mid day.

I'll be at Hayling - by the Inn on the Beach.