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Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)

Clug Vass or Club mistral/Sportif?

Started by Started by: ChristopherW
Hi, I'm thinking of going to Margarita in January.I'm not sure whether to book with Club Vass or Sportif. Anybody got any recommendations?

Last updated: 12/12/07 16:05 By: ChristopherW
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Added by johng on 12/12/07

I've only been to Fun sport with the Cribby courses, but lots of OMWC people have done the Club Vass/Marg thing - the instruction looks pretty good, and of course you get the benefit of Benny and co...
[Edit] And yes, of course Nancy!! I remembered her, but her name had escaped me...

Added by roypalmer on 12/12/07

Go to Club Vass, definitely. I'm not sure who the instructors are now, but if its Ben, Colin, Olly and Nancy (who were there when I went 2 years ago), and probably even if its not them, you'll have a great laugh. Cant fault the instruction. Its a great place to go, I'm jealous.

Added by jonathan on 13/12/07

We've been to Margarita many times now, and each time gone with Club Margarita. I would rate Club Marg above Mistral for the following reasons:
1) free choice of boards - not restricted to booked board
2) booms kept on rigs - don't have to faff about with booms every time you change sail (although do have to adjust harness lines of course)
3) kit insurance included in the price, and pretty chilled about breakages
4) Prefer Fanatic to Mistral kit
5) Centre far more sociable (although depends on which instructors are out, I have heard a rumour it is all-change this year)

.. but ultimately it comes down to personal preference...

Added by Duncan on 13/12/07

Having done both would agree with the previous comments. Can't go wrong with either though as they're pretty much next door and both have lots of nice kit.

Can't remember if anyone said that Club Marg include instruction too.

Only other comment is you may find Jan a bit early in the season. As far as I'm aware the most reliable time is Feb and March. Hoping to get out there then myself.

Anyone else from OMWC planning a Marg trip this year?


Added by RalphA on 14/12/07

I seriously recommend you DON'T go in Jan. I have been 3 times and the best time by far was late March. Early March was pretty good, but mid Feb was a complete joke with probably one afternoon 5.5m weather and nothing else for the holiday. (I would also recommend Vass as the kit is included in the price). Enjoy!