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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Started by Started by: Duncan
Anyone thinking of heading out to Margarita for the traditional OMWC gathering this year? Fancy it myself and flexible on dates around Feb/March.



Last updated: 27/12/07 17:09 By: Duncan
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Added by trudi on 27/12/07

Hi Duncan,
Yep, could be interseted in Margarita, would need some tuition tho.
Who were you thinking of going with, Cribby? Date not too much of an issue, but would need to avoid half term; second week in Feb.

Added by johng on 30/12/07

Yeah Margarita!! I'm tempted by the Kribby Krash Kourse in Kamikaze again, but not sure at this point my feet will be ready for this, and I might not know until it's full. Dilemma! I'm sure Dunco won't be Kribbying, content with his own speshul tuition :) Guy is doing two 1 week things as well as a 2 week (across the 1 week sessions) this year, which is good if you can't do 2 weeks.

Added by kdebeer on 30/12/07

Could somebody let me know where/what we would go for as in venue etc. I might be up for it depending on dates but having not been before would like to check out conditions/location etc. Thanks, Kathy

Added by Duncan on 03/01/08

Thanks for comments. I would guess end of Feb early March would be favorate, either with Guy C for those wanting tuition or Club Marg for those who don't (they seem to work out cheaper for the package than Mistral - and do actually include tuition if you want some but not the full on Cribbing)

Margarita is an easy place to sail. Wind tends to build during the day so you pick your time and all the centres are on a small bit of beach. All the hotels are clustered behind them. You can walk everywhere and it's a chilled out vibe. 10 hour flight but 10 minute transfer to resort.

Anyone else?

Added by fazza on 06/01/08


Im new to the club but would be intereseted in tagging along! Late Feb, early March would be good for me.


Added by szladob on 06/01/08

Dear All,

I've just joined the club and would be very interested in a trip to Marg! What tour operators are recommended?


Added by Duncan on 07/01/08

Thanks for the comments. I tend to use Club Margarita as they seem to work out cheapest for the whole package, include video tuition as part of the price and are nice guys, most of whom I know from previous seasons (I even once worked with Benny!)

To try and firm things up a bit who would be up for a trip leaving on the 24th of Feb (assuming availability). You can do one or two weeks now as it's a weekly direct flight, on a Sunday.

Current cost 849 for one week, 1089 for two weeks, B and B including kit and tuition. Living costs are pretty cheap there too.

If you fancy it post and if there are a few we can make a few calls.


Added by kdebeer on 11/01/08

Sounding good. I would not be able to go on on the 24th Feb though, would need to be the week after for me. But I know how difficult it is to co-ordinate groups and understand you need to go with the majority so ignore me if this messes it up.

Last updated: 12/01/08 00:49 By: kdebeer

Added by fazza on 17/01/08

Hi Duncan

Im interested in a week and am reasonably flexible over dates. Will be able to make a firm decision following this weekend if thats ok. If you need to get in contact direct my email is allmeownstuntz@yahoo.co.uk


Added by mikep on 29/01/08

Is this the all-talk-no-action-sit-on-the-beach-club or what? I take it no-ones going...even Duncan. Well I had a f**k it moment and booked to go on 24/2 for a week. Taking kit so can sail after the centres close and the crowds have died down. Having been before its the perfect warm up for the season, getting away during the coldest month of the year. Banish those winter blues. Any more takers?

Added by gmjones on 01/02/08

Just booked myself in for the 2nd cribby week (2 march), it sounded almost fully booked, better hurry if you still want to get in there johng...?

This time I *will* get my sodding gybes sorted!