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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Started by Started by: johng
Ever wonder why your windsurfing never seems to move on? Still struggling to carve gybe, or even be really comfortable in chop, let alone becoming a "Surf God" ((c) Cribbtastic Ventures Inc) ? I was intrigued to read this article by Simon B, describing the difficult journey to windsurfing enlightenment of one David. It exposes, often painfully (certainly for the subject!), the self-delusions and comfortable excuses that hinder one's progress.

SB lists the following things:
- Too much fun (easy to stay in your comfort zone, settling at a level where you can just have fun)
- Too many excuses (not enough time/talent/wind, wrong board/sail/body (!))
- Not enough self-awareness (hard to know when you're doing something)
- Not a good enough reason (need to be specific about reasons to learn)

Wow. Got me sussed! How about you? Check out the article if you have the opportunity.

But is "progress" everything? Is there anything better than tooling along on a summer's day, say in a pleasingly-shaped bay, over blue(ish!) water, at one with the wind and waves? What place does "progress" have in that? And then you have to turn around... at which point progress is impeded by one's lack of it :)

Anyone got any thoughts on this? We see people joining the club and making progress, or joining the club and leaving because it's not challenging enough... Is that the case? Should it be more challenging? Windsurfing is a solo pursuit on the water, but definitely not off it! That's at least partly the point of a club...

Yeah, I guess progress is necessary, and certainly required to maintain interest and challenge! So... Happy New Windsurfing Year!

Last updated: 30/12/07 17:22 By: johng
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Added by kdebeer on 30/12/07

This certainly describes my windsurfing... As for the point about the club not being challenging enough, I am too new to know, but I had not heard that that was the reason for diminishing numbers. I would be interested to know of people that had left for that reason.